The Terra VariantEfficiency through power

Whether field logistics or spreading of agricultural fertilizer: with its sufficient power reserves, Terra Variant, being the most powerful carrier vehicle world-wide, is ideally suited to cope with any situation.


Large-volume tires, offset track drive, enormous traction and an exceptional transport volume not only improve process output but also enhance gentle soil treatment alike.
Maximum impact along with optimum operating comfort make the Terra Variant the preferred vehicle for professional use.


The vehiclefor several applications.

Zunhammer slurry equipment


Welcome to the professional league: more than just a machine - the Terra Variant concept


The Terra Variant with the proven ZUNHAMMER Gülletechnik equipment for semi-liquid manure: The most powerful answer to the challenges of today's and tomorrow's agriculture. No matter whether mineral fertilizer prices are rising, spreading and environmental protection measures are subject to ever stricter regulations or the resultant shortening of processing periods in spreading manure - the Terra Variant saves driving cycles and operations, thus reducing costs involved in crop production. In conjunction with individually combinable attachments, the Terra Variant applies valuable manure to crops or on stubbles in an efficient, environmentally compatible way which is also gentle on the soil.


Saving the soil thanks to a large footprint: the tire size, payload and traction are transferred on a large surface area in diagonal steer mode while maintaining optimized slip. 

Efficient thanks to the hopper volume:


The self-propelled machine with 598 hp, a capacity of 5,550 gallons and VOGELSANG pump system ensures reliably high daily delivery rates of up to 42,285 gallons per hour within a separate procedure while optimizing soil-working processes.

Efficient thanks to logistics:


Whether as shuttle for road transport with the Terra Variant located in the field - every machine is utilized where it has the most impact, thus reducing costs for fuel and wear for all vehicles.

Speed thanks to optimum semi-liquid manure flow:


Short distances and optimum pipe diameters are characteristic for the Terra Variant. A specially adapted guide system for the intake line (10”) minimizes pressure loss within the system. Extremely short intake times are achieved in conjunction with the powerful rotary pump. All the piping on the pressure side has been designed for maximum dosing accuracy in 8” diameter. Two hydraulic gate-valves and the integrated three-way cock switch between the functions "Filling tanker", "Transferring" and "Spreading".



  • Intake pipe pivotal laterally through 170°, 18’8” long – for a maximum transfer overreach
  • All the important features are accessible via joystick - for ergonomic operation
  • Filling shut-off automatically - to ensure clean working
  • Intake of fluid at idle speed - to save fuel
  • Intake pipe with automatic folding feature - to facilitate the operator's work optimally 
  • Precise, fully automatic control of spreading rate - for precise spreading results
  • Task Controller incl. job management – for automatic recording 
  • Prepared for ZUNHAMMER VAN-Control – for precise recording of nutrients  

Manure spreading

BERGMANN Universal Spreader



Whether spreading compost, solid manure, separated digestates or sludge, high-quality solid fertilizers need to be spread precisely. With the BERGMANN spreader superstructure, the Terra Variant combines impact and soil protection to spread a wide variation of media.



  • Large loading volume
  • High working Speeds
  • Conical full-steel containers
  • Precise spreading
  • Work widths up to 98 feet



Field Logistic

Harvesting machines must work increasingly more efficient in shorter windows of time. Transfer times due to emptying the grain or the beet tank need to be reduced. For the sake of modern field logistics, HOLMER has developed special holding tanks for the Terra Variant. Harvested crops are transferred using these holding tanks, directly from the combine, forage harvester or sugar-beet harvester, and transported to the edge of the field in a manner that protects the soil. 


Under optimal harvesting conditions, harvesting takes place non-stop while the Terra Variant handles field logistics. 




  • Improve lifting and threshing performance
  • Increase the annual capacity of the harvesting machines
  • Soil-protecting transport of harvested volumes
  • Minimize deep tracks and multi-pass effect
  • Reduces tillage costs
  • High unloading performance
  • HOLMER swap system



Seed spreading & soil treatment



Variable applications – specialized uses. With the VTU 19 transport superstructure, HOLMER is responding to growing demands in the area of fertilizer incorporation. In the two separate 335 ft³ halves of the tank, the VTU carries seeds and/or fertilizer for planting, strip tillage or incorporation. The high tractive output of the Terra Variant allows large work areas to be covered. The high transport capacity secures efficient machine usage through short loading times and long utilization times. 






  • Precise mineral fertilizer incorporation
  • Efficient fertilizer application
  • Customized fertilizer blends possible
  • Reduces the number of passes

The conceptfor maximum output.

Engine – Gearbox – Chassisfor efficient power transfer.

  • 598 HP (440 kW) Mercedes Benz engine – for maximum performance
  • Tier 4i exhaust gas level with SCR technology ensures minimum exhaust emission
  • Automotive driving for fuel saving and optimal facilitation of the operator's workload


Power reserves for any task

Utilizing fuel in a way that makes sense: Automotive driving provides two driving strategies which are optimally adapted to the requirements in question, facilitating the operator's workload at the same time.


  • Eco Mode:  The Terra Variant automatically selects the optimum gear in accordance with the power required. 
  • Fixed speed: The driver is able to define individual gears and to save the engine speeds for every gear. 


Driving comfort as core competence

Efficient power transmission and maximum traction: The proven FUNK DF 500 powershift gearbox with 18 forward and 6 reversing speeds provides you with the perfect gear for every application.


Safety coupled with constantly high driving comfort: this is what the special HOLMER front axle suspension with hillside compensators and automatic leveling ensures. With a wheelbase of 18’10” , in conjunction with the wide Terra tires, the Terra Variant masters slopes without any issues while maximizing driving stability.


  • Fully automatic, progressively variable leveling
  • Adjustable spring setting
  • Floating axle for adaptation to the terrain
  • Full suspension comfort also on slopes
  • Adjustable hillside pressure compensator

Chassis conceptSoil preservation in all situations.

Diagonal steer prevents soil from being driven over several times, helping the Terra Variant  to avoid damaging soil compaction. Diagonal steer in conjunction with the wide Terra tires saves the soil by rolling over each part of the soil only once.


Various steering modes 


  • All-wheel steering for maximum maneuverability
  • Diagonal steer, left-hand/right-hand, to ensure a wide wheel base, and stable driving characteristics on lateral slopes;
  • Manual steering to steer the rear axle independently via joystick
  • Roadwork mode – ensuring a high level of driving safety in public road traffic thanks to the hydraulic connection between the front and rear axles

Three-point mountkeeps its promises

Designed specifically for professional spreading of semi-liquid manure: the fully hydraulically pivoting rear three-point of the Terra Variant meets the highest testing standards.

The three-point mount which is suspended on the main frame via a pivot cylinder arranged transversely at the bottom features fully automatic pivoting. All the connection points between the vehicle and the attachment are always in a straight line of traction thanks to the fully pivoting frame, even in diagonal steer mode.


  • Three-point mount, category IV – for professionals
  • 5 double-acting control units – for absolute flexibility
  • Load-Sensing and Power-Beyond – to ensure optimum oil supply
  • Three-point down pressure as standard feature for injection of semi-liquid manure into growing crop
  • Adjustable freewheeling of three-point mount - to reduce wear

Comfortable cabFor long days of work.

Working around the clock in a relaxed and economically efficient manner: The fully redesigned HOLMER comfortable cab II combines safety and driving comfort to perfection. 


  • Spacious design with storage space provides personal freedom
  • Large-size, cambered windows for optimal visibility
  • Sound insulation at a noise level of only 61 (dB) for absolute peace and quiet
  • Powerful automatic air conditioning helps you keep cool 
  • Driver-oriented control elements for ergonomic working
  • Light package with optional LED or xenon headlights ensure maximum safety 
  • Optional GRAMMER active seat Actimo Evolution with automatic adaptation to the driver's weight, active seat ventilation and pneumatic lumbar supports provide perfect driving comfort

HOLMER SmartDrive for stress-free working.

The driver is our most important person: all operating elements are impeccably designed to meet there requirements. There work is optimally relieved by operator assistance systems and intuitive operation in the Terra Variant. Even long working operations can thus be relaxed.


  • 12.1 inch HOLMER EasyTouch terminal provides a clear display 
  • HOLMER multi-function armrest for ergonomic working
  • Joystick and jog dial for optimum operation of the vehicle
  • Vehicle diagnostics for speedy assistance


Linking through interfaces


Common interfaces in agricultural engineering:

The HOLMER ISOBUS solution clearly displays body features or Task Controller including job management on a separate ISOBUS terminal. 

The signal sockets enables operation of supplementary devices, e.g. catch crop spreaders. A speed and hoisting gear signal enables the integration of these devices into standard workflows.

HOLMER SmartDrivefor stress-free working.

Assistance systems to facilitate the operator's workload to a maximum degree


ImageManeuvering with ease: The headland management feature TerraControl performs the required workflows automatically and relieves the operator's workload during long operations. All the relevant vehicle and body features can be saved individually. Operative is intuitive.

Ready for GPS thanks to Image

Facilitating the operator's workload to a maximum, saving operating equipment and being gentle on resources: Thanks to precise closing-up, track guidance systems guarantee the detection of processed tracks to an inch to ensure perfect working results. The Terra Variant is optionally available with Trimble Ready™. Various Trimble steering systems can be designed individually. 


 All the known parallel motions are available both in diagonal steer and in four-wheel steer mode.


  • AB line for straightforward parallel driving
  • A+-line for stubble breakage at a preselected angle to the direction of working
  • Adaptive curve for closing-up driving in contour mode

Quick swap systemfor several applications.

[Translate to Amerikanisches Englisch:] Den Terra Variant optimal auslasten:


In nur 30 Minuten ist der Aufbau mit dem optionalen HOLMER Schnellwechselsystem umgebaut
– und das bequem mit Unterstützung der Bordhydraulik.