EasyHelp 4.0

With EasyHelp 4.0, HOLMER machines are technologically best in class.

What are your advantages?



One advantage is that you benefit from the possibility of remote diagnosis and maintenance with even faster service. EasyHelp 4.0 is also connected to the agrirouter, the universal data network for farmers and contractors. This allows relevant data to be conveniently transmitted online from the vehicle to different points on the internet.


Be online:

  • Convenient transfer of data from your office, to the machine, and back - for efficient resource planning and maximum flexibility.
  • Access to vehicle data via the Internet - wherever you are
  • Compatibility of your HOLMER machine with third-party software (e.g. the farmpilot app) - so that existing administrative software can still be used
  • In the event of a fault, immediate evaluation of the parameters by HOLMER Service - For simple problem identification, quick service, and efficient and accurate spare parts supply
  • Modern cloud technology from Bosch, a reliable partner with servers in Germany - for maximum data security
  • Ongoing expansion of different functions - so that you can easily benefit from new features



Machine management - because your time is precious.

Track in real time where your HOLMER vehicles are and what the machine status is, and plan your fuel stops accordingly. You can see all relevant machine parameters and thus support any new drivers to achieve the optimal adjustment of your HOLMER machine. Best of all, all this runs in the fleet management program of your choice (e.g. the farmpilot app).


  • Efficient fleet management thanks to live data from your HOLMER vehicles (settings, fuel level, field performance, etc.) - for optimal time management
  • Detailed evaluations - for better planning
  • Simple recording of different tasks - to save inaccurate paperwork.



This app? No problem. And this one? Also not. The agrirouter makes it possible.

No matter what apps or programs you or your customers use: You can set the agrirouter to forward the data of your choice to your selected apps. - so you always have full control. Without any tedious typing, the information is always available when and where you need it.


  • Agrirouter data exchange platform - for maximum independence when choosing a farm management system
  • Provider DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG, a group including AGCO, Horsch, Krone and Pöttinger - for a manufacturer-independent solution and individual flexibility.

Service 4.0 - because time windows become shorter.

Because time is precious - for harvesting as well as for spreading slurry. For this reason, your HOLMER vehicle sends all important machine parameters to the Bosch cloud. Once approved by the driver, HOLMER service can quickly and easily check settings remotely. If spare parts are required, it is sent immediately and is specific to the machine. This saves valuable time and the machine can be reliably used again.


  • Overview of all settings - for quick reference
  • Display of all pressures, currents, speeds, positions - for fast fault diagnosis
  • Remote diagnosis possible - to support the driver during troubleshooting
  • Saving valuable time in case of a repair - by having a correct spare parts supply
  • Display of historical data possible - for easy troubleshooting



Bosch rexroth - our partner.

Your data is secure. HOLMER cooperates with Bosch rexroth on the EasyHelp 4.0 telematics solution. Bosch rexroth provides proven components that meet the requirements needed in the agricultural field. Special solutions for sugar beet harvesting and liquid manure spreading can be developed quickly and reliably, then scaled later as required.



Test your EasyHelp 4.0 starter package - without risk.

Have no experience with farm management systems yet? Are you still unsure of how you will make changes in your business? Test EasyHelp 4.0 risk-free.


  • Get a free trial license for the first two harvest seasons when you buy your machine – including the license for the farmpilot app.
  • Only after the trial period will fees of 690 € ($760 USD) per year to be due - allowing you to control costs and review where necessary.
  • Availability in many countries of the world - EU countries incl., Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus

HOLMER SmartTurnThe clever way to turn.

The first headland management system for self-propelled harvesters. For the first time, SmartTurn combines the mechanical row steering system and the headland management system TerraControl on the beet lifter with GNSS-controlled headland turning, as is used in tractors. This makes automatic turning at the front end possible for the first time – including lifting and re-insertion of the lifting unit, as well as the necessary steering maneuvers.


The joint development of REICHHARDT and HOLMER expands the Terra Dos T4 with a modern, automatic steering and smart-farming function to optimize beet harvesting and soil protection. The system has been awarded a DLG silver medal.


1. An acoustic signal indicates the optimum time for the turning process, the driver then activates SmartTurn. Accordingly, the Terra Dos T4 automatically stops lifting when the end of the row is reached, and it raises the lifting unit at the ideal point.

2. At the same time, GNSS steering takes over the turning process, using the most ideal turning path. The system automatically turns into the next correct row.

3. There, SmartTurn automatically reinstates the lifting unit at the ideal point. The proven row sensor steering system then takes over control of the machine in the track. REICHHARDT SMART CONTROL records all data which is later available for documentation and evaluation.


The clever way to turn.

  • Automatic control of the vehicle via GNSS or row sensor – so that the driver can concentrate entirely on monitoring the lifting quality.
  • Always takes the best and shortest tracks on the headland without unnecessary maneuvering – for optimum soil protection
  • Automatic lifting and lowering of the lifting unit at the optimum time – for reduced wear and fuel consumption
  • Quicker turning on the headland – for the shortest non-productive times
  • Automatic insertion into the right row – to relieve the driver and to avoid loss of harvest 

HOLMER DynaFill Always precise.

HOLMER DynaFill ensures that trucks are always loaded optimally and in accordance with the legal requirements – a great relief for drivers and those responsible. The machine software provides information on the fill level via a laser at the transfer loading arm, which recognizes the loading area of ​​the truck. The Terra Felis swivels the transfer loading arm to the correct position automatically and stops the loading operation as soon as the truck is evenly loaded. An intelligent and reliable solution for beet-loading.



HOLMER DynaProtect Soil protection matters.

Unique: With the HOLMER DynaProtect driver assistance system, soil and crops are optimally protected during slurry application. After the driver has preselected “grassland/grain" or “row crop/stubble", the system adjusts itself automatically.


On level ground, the system guarantees even rolling of the wheels without leading – thus preventing damage to the growing crop or the turf and reducing slippage.


On a sidehill in grassland, the lead of the front axle increases slightly – the vehicle is stabilized safely and the ground is fully protected at the same time.


On sidehills in row crops, the lead is further increased in order to guarantee directional stability and thus protecting the crop.


If reverse gear is engaged, the leading gear automatically changes to the rear axle. This makes driving safe and easy and guarantees the smallest turning radiuses. All settings are dynamic and depends on the information from the live feedback of the slope sensor.


In road driving mode, a consistent zero lead is automatically set in order to protect the tires and minimize fuel consumption.

HOLMER EcoPowerIntelligent. Economical. Efficient.

EcoPower developed by HOLMER is unique in the field of self-propelled farm equipment. Depending on the current driving mode (harvesting or road) and the degree of utilization of the travel drive, on all assembly drive systems and on the central multipump drive, the HOLMER EcoPower selects the optimum range within the diesel engine and drive system map. Thus, it always ensures optimum performance while keeping fuel consumption 

down to a minimum. 


  • Optimum operating point on the diesel engine independent of the working be accomplished, considerable increase in efficiency of all assembly drive systems and travel drive
  • Increased efficiency thanks to an increased number of pumps and consequently optimum coordination between pump and assembly
  • Overall optimization of energy management
  • Individual drive units when not in use are uncoupled to reduce fuel consumption

HOLMER EasyLiftsimply harvest more.

Opitmal harvesting results for 6 to 12 rows: 


The automatic depth control system HOLMER EasyLift makes the HOLMER lifter units unique, the driver harvests what is grown with reduced fuel consumption. High quality materials guarantee minimum wear and the HOLMER EasyConnect offers  maximum safety and perfect driver comfort with 9 or 12-row lifter units.


  • Ergonomically designed functional armrest with Jog Dial control
  • HOLMER EasyTouch for comfortable machine operation
  • Memory feature for 6 individually adaptable basic machine settings: dry – normal – wet – uphill – straight ahead – downhill



TerraDAT is a software program developed by HOLMER for the convenient management of job data, customer and machine data on a PC. In particular it allows users to:


  • create databases for customer data, and transfer them to the machine with a USB stick
  • analyze all of the machine, driver, and harvest data 
  • monitor and send reminders concerning upcoming maintenance
  • Track current lifting data online, together with the GSM module (optional)


The fast-coupling frame developed and patented by HOLMER, HOLMER EasyConnect, expands the previous mechanical systems with an automatically coupled hydraulic and electrical supply interface. 


Impressive benefits:


  • Higher machine efficiency thanks to reduced set-up times
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to convenient coupling and uncoupling from the driver’s seat (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical)
  • Additional comfort due to elimination of heavy, rigid elements requiring manual coupling
  • No risk of confusion when connecting hydraulic and electrical lines
  • Driver assistance and system protection


During the run-up to Agritechnica, HOLMER introduced its new 12-row HR 12 lifter unit, and subjected it straight away to the most ambitious practical challenge: 


How many acres can be harvested in 24 hours by just one single sugar-beet harvester? 


So, at 12:01 p.m. on 28 September, a HOLMER Terra Dos T4-30 with a 12-row lifter started its attempt to break a world record. The team led by Edi Richer wasn’t going to get much sleep during the next 24 hours. On the Baltic Agrar fields in Liepen (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), the largest undisturbed field was found. 


This devotion to duty reaped great rewards: the world record in beet lifting! The HOLMER Terra Dos T4-30 with HR 12 harvested 211.5 acres of beets in 24 hours – an incredible performance by the lifter unit and the entire team involved in breaking this world record! 


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