The strongest carrier tractor in the world is Tier 4 final with the new Mercedes Benz OM 473 LA diesel engine with 585 HP. The weight of vehicle was further reduced by the systematic and intelligent HOLMER lightweight construction – for an unbeatable, soil protecting weight to power ratio.


The dynamic design makes the Terra Variant 585 unique – edged, manly, powerful. The driver has the perfect all-round view because of the sloped front hood, the suction pipe placement and the integrated exhaust silencer – for even more safety on the field and street.


The new slurry structure has an even more advanced slurry technology with an optimized piping system Therefore, increasing efficiency – for even shorter pumping and suction processes as well as an optimum lifetime of the pump.



Protecting agricultural land is our primary goal. A low vehicle weight, fast field speed, a carried load (as opposed to pulled), and the right driving strategy are the key factors. The large-volume tire completes the Trac concept. The Terra Variant 585 combines optimum soil conservation, maximum traction, a long wheelbase and surprising maneuverability with an ideal volume.




With a turning radius of only 11.0 m (36 ft) and two steering axles, the Terra Variant is extremely manoeuvrable. At the same time, its long wheelbase of 4.76 m (15.6 ft) and the specially adapted combination frame guarantee maximum stability in every situation.


Satisfied customers in all fields:

  • 11.0 m (36 ft) turning radius – for adaptability to all conditions of use
  • 2 planetary steering axles – for optimum manoeuvrability
  • 4.76 m (15.6 ft) long wheelbase – for maximum stability
  • Stable combination frame – as the basis for maximum longevity in the toughest conditions
  • Comfortable chassis with 3rd and 4th  axle for driving on roads – for your safety in road traffic

Mounting area

When working with large loads, it is important that the mounting area is ideally positioned on the tractor. In this way, can perfect weight distribution be guaranteed – and this is the prerequisite for optimum soil conservation and driving comfort.


Sustainable and efficient work:

  • Carried loads - not pulled – the basis for all soil protection
  • Large frame size – for high transport capacity
  • Ideal weight distribution – for best driving characteristics




The Terra Variant 585 can be equipped with MICHELIN CerexBib IF 1000/55 R32. This tire allows for a low inner tyre pressure of min. 1.6 bar (24 psi) with a footprint of ​​up to 0.84 m² (9.04 ft2) per wheel, enabling best soil preservation.


Terra tires for optimum soil protection:

  • Low tyre pressure – for maximum soil preservation
  • Large footprint of up to 0.84 m² (9.04 ft2) per wheel with MICHELIN CerexBib IF 1000/55 R32 – for the prevention of harmful compaction
  • Grassland profile MICHELIN MegaXBib 1050/50 R32 T2 – to protect the soil structure
  • High field speed – for low soil compaction
  • Row crop tires – for spreading in row crops



Diagonal steer

Offset track driving ensures that each surface is rolled over only once. Each wheel has its own track and the four wheels of equal size make the weight evenly distributed. This consistently prevents soil damage from compaction. Given the large contact surfaces of the tires in the diagonal steer, load and traction force are transmitted over a wide surface area - with optimal slip values at the same time. This is how real soil preservation works.


The Terra Variant 585 steering modes:

  • All-wheel steering – for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Automatic steer left/right – for rolling over wide areas and stable driving behaviour on side slopes
  • Four-wheel steering – for making only one set of tracks on a headland
  • Manual steering – for independent steering of the rear axle by joystick
  • Road driving – for high road safety by hydraulically connecting the front and rear axles



Front axle suspension and slope compensation

Safety and consistently high driving comfort is ensured by the unique HOLMER front axle suspension with slope compensation and automatic levelling control. In connection with the wheelbase of 4.76 m (15,6 ft) and the wide Terra tires, the Terra Variant easily masters slopes with maximum driving stability.


Safety and driving comfort in all positions with the Terra Variant:

  • Fully automatic and stepless stope compensation – allowing operators to concentrate on their tasks
  • Spring hardness adjustable in two steps – to adapt to local conditions
  • Floating axle with all degrees of freedom – for maximum terrain adaptation
  • Active suspension even with full suspension pressure – for ideal driving comfort even on slopes
  • Adjustable suspension pressure – to adapt to local conditions





Engine technology from Mercedes Benz makes the Terra Variant the most efficient carrier tractor. With 585 HP, tractive forces are efficiently transferred and loads are supported in a soil-preserving manner – even under difficult conditions. The Terra Variant meets the exhaust gas standard Tier 4 final. DEP ensures that nitrogen oxides generated during the combustion process are converted into pure nitrogen and water during the exhaust gas after treatment – for the sake of our environment. For regular maintenance work, access to the engine compartment has been further improved – for safe and ergonomic working conditions.


The Terra Variant power package:

  • 585 HP / 430 kW – for power reserves in any position
  • Tier 4 final – for the sake of our environment
  • Optimal torque characteristics – for efficient engine performance
  • Max. torque 2.750 Nm (2028 ft/lb) at 1300 rpm – for low engine speeds and low fuel consumption
  • Automotive driving – for fuel savings and optimum operator comfort
  • Low diesel consumption – for optimum cost control
  • Engine located in front of the front axle – for optimal weight distribution
  • Easy accessibility – for ergonomic maintenance work
  • Hydraulically reversible fan with time control – for clean cooling elements
  • Diesel and DEP tank caps next to each other – for fast refueling




Driving comfort was a main development goal for the Terra Variant. The tried and tested power shift transmission FUNK DF 500 with 18 forward and 6 reverse gears always provides narrow speed increments with the most efficient power transmission and maximum tractive power.


Power utilized where it is needed:

  • Straight-line drive train with maintenance-free drive shafts – for direct power transmission
  • Large-size braking system – for your safety
  • Pneumatic braking system (optional) – for towed implement
  • Central lubrication – for all important lubrication points
  • Lubrication intervals adjustable – for individual applications
  • Maximum speed 40 km/h (25 mph) in road driving – for fast field transfers
  • Maximum speed 32 km/h (20 mph) in field driving – for efficient work




The fully hydraulically pivotable rear three point of the Terra Variant has been specially designed for the professional spreading of slurry. Only the Terra Variant has this unique technology.


The three-point mount which is suspended on the main frame has a pivot cylinder arranged transversely at the bottom for fully automatic pivoting to the left and right. All the connection points between the vehicle and the attachment are always in a straight line of traction thanks to the fully pivoting frame, even in diagonal steer mode. In this way, the material can optimally absorb the strong forces during tillage - for perfect durability of the components.


A loading and unloading system is integrated as standard for slurry injectors. By pressing a button on the terminal of the attachment, the driver can either apply down pressure to the attachment in dry conditions or apply up pressure in wet conditions.


Unique for self-propelled machines:

  • Three-point mount category IV – for large attachments
  • Fully steerable three-point mount – for maximum stability
  • Straight line forces – for stress-free use and thus the long lifetime of all assemblies
  • BUCHER BHR control hydraulics – for individual settings
  • 5 double acting control remotes; time and quantity adjustable – for absolute flexibility
  • Load-Sensing and Power-Beyond – to ensure optimum oil supply
  • Three point has both up and down pressure – for slurry injection into standing crop
  • Three-point can also free float – for lowest wear
  • Integrated into the central lubrication system – for maintenance free work
  • Top link in category 3/4 or 4/4 selectable – for different attachments




The illumination concept of the Terra Variant turns night into day. This also ensures optimal visibility during night-time work. The operating range of the machine is illuminated up to 100% by up to 31 LED headlights. This guarantees maximum safety during tilling or when monitoring the attachment – especially at night.


More light, more safety:

  • Perfect lighting of the work area – for your safety
  • Up to 31 LED headlights with up to 3,400 lumens – for optimum illumination on the field and road
  • Four Standard 1,950 lumens LED low-beam and high-beam headlights, including daytime running light – for road driving comfort




HOLMER SmartDrive is the intuitive operating concept for HOLMER machines. The combination of touch terminal, joystick, jog dial and BHR control unit ensures that every desired function is quickly and easily accessible. Freely programmable keys and shortcuts ensure comfortable working – because the driver is our most important consider action.


Networking through interfaces

With the HOLMER ISOBUS solution, body functions and task controllers including job management are clearly presented on a separate ISOBUS terminal. The signal socket enables the operation of additional devices such as catch crop shakers. Via a speed and hoist signal, it is thus possible to integrate these devices into the normal workflow.


The Operator in focus:

  • Intuitive operation – for easy and safe operation
  • HOLMER EasyTouch 12.1-inch touch terminal – all information at a glance
  • Ergonomic multi-function arm rest with jog-dial and joystick – for comfortable vehicle operation
  • Orientation of all controls to the operator – since the operator and machine are one unit
  • Vehicle diagnostics – for speedy assistance




We are constantly working on technical solutions to support and facilitate the operator's workload as much as possible - so they can focus on their actual task of delivering outstanding work. 


The work facilitation of the future already here today:



GPS steering systems – for the most precise closing-up

Through precise systems, track guidance systems relieve the operator's workload, save operating materials and preserve resources. In addition, lines that have already been used can be detected to the exact centimeter and re-used for subsequent machine operations.


You have the choice:

  • Ready for GPS through Trimble Ready
  • Ready for GPS through Reichhardt Ready
  • AB Line – for easy parallel driving
  • A+-line – for stubble breakage at a preselected angle to the direction of working
  • Adaptive curve – for closing-up driving in contour mode
  • Identical curve – for driving around obstacles one time only



HOLMER TerraControl headland management – for optimal reversing

The headland management of the Terra Variant performs all the required workflows

automatically and relieves the operator's workload during long operations. The operator thereby combines the desired settings, such as turn on diagonal steer, lower attachment, activate slurry pump and activate fixed speed drive. All relevant vehicle and attachment functions can be saved individually.


Intuitive operation:

  • Select, record, save, play
  • Fine adjustment of the individual sequences in the terminal
  • Save various sequences



Data management – for easy reporting


The Terra Variant with tried and tested ZUNHAMMER slurry equipment: The most powerful response to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges of spreading slurry. No matter whether it is high mineral fertilizer prices, stricter regulations for spreading and environmental protection, or the resulting shorter processing periods during the spreading of valuable organic fertilizers, the Terra Variant saves passes and work steps, thereby reducing costs. In connection with individually combinable attachments, the Terra Variant works with valuable organic fertilizers in residue plant or stubble, while being powerful, environmentally friendly and soil-friendly at the same time. In doing so, the Terra Variant concept sustainably saves soil structure and decreases growing crop damage.


The Slurry equipment of the Terra Variant 585 at a glance:

  • 21 m³ (5548 gallons) tank volume - for optimum work rates
  • VOGELSANG pump system - for shortest extraction times of approx. 2 min
  • Reliable high daily outputs of up to 160 m³/h (42,268 gal/hour) - for economical work
  • Side suction - for perfect visibility and safety
  • Straight line conduit - for low flow losses






The tried and tested VX 186-368 QD high-performance rotary piston pump from VOGLESANG guarantees reliably high suction and pump speeds of up to 9,000 l/min (2378 gal/min). In this way, 21 m³ (5548 gallons) of liquid manure is suctioned in less than three minutes. The VOGELSANG VX 215-320 rotary piston pump is also available as an option with 11,800 l/min (3117 gal/min) - for more suction power and flexibility with working widths and volumes. The suction time is reduced by about half a minute.



Since it depends on the optimum pump:

  • Two-stage hydraulic motor directly on the rotary piston pump – for optimum suction and higher spreading volumes
  • HiFlo® pistons and a standard quick-service version – for longer running times, low maintenance costs and minimal pulsation



The Terra Variant is fitted as standard with the VOGELSANG cutting unit RotaCut® RCX-58 H for maximum protection of the slurry pump. Fibers or foreign objects such as grass, straw or stones, are reliably cut or separated. The high throughput capacity of the cutting screen also ensures a cavitation-free run of the rotary piston pump during suction.



No matter whether it is compost, solid mix, separated digestate or lime: High quality solid fertilizers must be precisely applied in short time periods. The basis for this is a powerful spreading technique. With the spreader unit from the company ANNABURGER, the Terra Variant combines impact strength and soil preservation for the spreading of various materials.


Because valuable organic fertilizers must be applied efficiently:

  • High load volume of 17.4 m³ (614 cubic ft) – for short non-productive periods
  • High working speeds – for powerful, soil-preserving work
  • Low loading height – for low center of gravity and easy loading
  • Exact spreading distribution – for optimum spreading results
  • Work widths up to 20 m (78.7 ft)- for maximum efficiency
  • Optional: Terra Variant without three-point mount available – for weight optimization
  • 2 spreader disks, each with 1.13 m Ø (3.7 ft)– for precise distribution
  • Hydraulic chain tensioning system (manual and automatic) – for safe work
  • Hydraulic spreader drive with separate adjustment of the disk and roller speed – for flexible settings
  • Weighing device and automatic spreader control – for the most precise application




Harvesters need to work ever more efficiently in short timeframes. This saves downtime caused by emptying the grain tank or beet hopper. Therefore, for modern field logistics, HOLMER has developed special loading attachments for the Terra Variant. Harvesting is carried out directly by the combine harvesters, choppers or sugar beet harvesters, and the yields are transported to the edge of the field in a soil-conserving manner. Under optimal harvesting conditions, harvesting is done non-stop – the Terra Variant takes over the logistics.


Because the Terra Variant is unbeatable on the field:

  • Reduction of key machine non-productive times – for increased harvesting and thrashing performance
  • Increase in the utilization of the harvesters – for your profit
  • Minimal deep wheel tracks and compaction – for optimum soil protection and a reduction in soil treatment costs
  • High unloading performance – for an efficient logistics chain
  • Direct unloading of the crop – to avoid contamination
  • Lateral clamps – for the shortest discharge times of approx. 1 min for sugar beets
  • No deep vehicle tracks – for loss-free beet loading
  • Optional: Terra Variant without three-point mount available – for weight optimization