Terra Dos T4Enter into a new dimension.

Intelligently networked, perfectly constructed. The Terra Dos T4, the milestone in sugar-beet harvesting sets new standards.


The unique HOLMER EasyLift system guarantees the best harvesting results, the lightweight construction stands for unrivaled soil protection, our new chassis concept with an integrated slope sensor ensures stability in all situations, and the intelligent HOLMER EcoPower combines best performance with the lowest fuel consumption – all which make it unrivaled.



The HOLMER Terra Dos T4 is the best beet lifter of all times – whether it be with two or three axles. This is the reason for the Terra Dos T4‘s modular design. Thus, innovations from experience are directly introduced into all series. In addition, carry-over parts facilitate spare parts management, the uniform operating concept ensures user friendliness, and the identical design stands for optimum serviceability.


Same modules make life easier:

  • Mercedes engine with 652 HP / 480 kW – for working economically
  • Wide elevator conveyors, transfer webs and discharge elevators – for highest throughput
  • Same transverse and longitudinal slat conveyors – for fastest possible discharge
  • Intuitive HOLMER SmartDrive operating concept – for ideal driving comfort
  • Directly powered axles with automatically controlled lead – for traction and track accuracy on slopes



  • View Terra Dos T4 - 30
  • View Terra Dos T4 - 40
Terra Dos T4-30
View Terra Dos T4 - 30
Terra Dos T4-40
View Terra Dos T4 - 40

Terra Dos T4-30

  • 2 driven axles – for easy rolling resistance

  • Tank capacity 30 m³ (1060 cubic ft)
  • Optional: Front axle with MICHELIN VF900/60 R 38 CerexBib 2 and rear axle with MITAS SFT 1250 /50 R 32 – for the largest footprint in its class  


Terra Dos T4-40

  • 3 power-driven axles
  • Tank capacity 45 m³ (1589 cubic ft)
  • Thrust tube suspension of the third axle – for all degrees of freedom
  • Additional longitudinal slat conveyor to discharge the rear tank area
  • Divided and a split filling auger for gentle filing
  • Centrally arranged discharge elevator – for gentle tank emptying in approx. 50 sec


The leaf stalk has approximately 5-7 cm (2-2.75 in) – depending on the area of application and setting – which the topper of the Terra Dos T4 leaves on the sugar beet. The remaining leaves are cut off with the scalper.

The automatic depth control of HOLMER EasyLift is also extended on the topper. This is automatically adjusted in height – leaving only as many inches of leaf stalk that the operator has previously set; elaborate adjustments are no longer needed. When the height of the roller bed is changed, the topper is readjusted automatically. The topper height is adjusted hydraulically and without the support wheels. 


The HOLMER integral topper HS I and the HOLMER combi-topper HS KO provide solutions for various types of use when dealing with leaf mass.

  • Topper shaft with 600 mm (23.6 in) diameter and forged T-flails – for optimum shredding with minimum wear
  • Low topper speed – for low fuel consumption
  • Fully bolted steel plate construction – for easy maintenance
  • Reduced vibration in the field and on the road – for shock reduction




The HOLMER integral topper, which places the shredded leaf between the rows of beets.


  • Track-to-track lifting possible – for a clearer overview
  • Nutrients are retained – as an organic fertilizer
  • Uniform soil cover – as the best starting point for conservative soil cultivation
  • Gentlest topper options – to preserve the soil



Option: HS KO

The HOLMER combi-topper, which either distributes the shredded leaf between rows of beets or spreads them over a previously planted area by means of a leaf spreader in the case of strong weed growth.


  • Functions can be switched from the operator‘s seat during the lifting processes – for comfort and flexibility
  • Hydraulically powered auger and leaf spreader – for uniform spreading of large volumes of leaf and weeds
  • Nutrients are retained on the field – as an organic fertilizer 
  • Leaf-harvesting possible with the HOLMER foliage belt – for further use of the biomass



DynaCut scalpers

HOLMER has perfected the defoliating cutting technique with the DynaCut. Its new geometry allows the DynaCut to harvest the entire beet without any leaves left attached.


Because the beet crowns are your yield.

  • More agile handling of the scalpers due to reduced weight – ensuring reliable scalping of beets even at high speeds.
  • Adjustable crown level at the push of a button – for optimum lifting results
  • Does not scalp beets that have been cut too low by the topper – for your yield
  • New and thinner blade grinding – for a much longer sharp edge
  • Easy maintenance and low service costs – for your profit



Option: Combi-defoliator

Two oppositely rotating cleaning shafts with a total of 50 rubber beaters work at a reduced speed along the direction of travel. In combination with the standard topper shaft and HOLMER DynaCut scalper, the beets are harvested as a whole without leaves. In contrast to comparable techniques, the HOLMER combi-defoliator no longer works transversely, but in line with the direction of travel.


Harvest what has grown.

  • 2 counteractive cleaning shafts – for a perfect work result
  • 50 rubber beaters per shaft – for gentle beet defoliating and the least wear
  • Minimized speed – for lower fuel consumption
  • Arrangement in line with the direction of travel – for a longer working distance of the rubber beaters and thus better results
  • Easier adjustability – to relieve the operator‘s work
  • Can be combined with HOLMER DynaCut – for perfect removal of leaves
  • Higher yields – for your profit





As early as 2009, the HR lifting unit had been awarded a silver medal by the DLG. At that time, the single row depth adjustment of each row unit was revolutionary. Since then, HOLMER has steadily worked on further developing the lifting unit. With HOLMER EasyLift, the single row depth control has been working automatically since 2015 – for six, eight, nine or twelve rows.

The recipe for success of the HR lifter unit is its modular structure of the single row unit, which automatically adapt to each sugar beet crop.


Because we invented the single-row depth adjustment.

  • Best view into the lifting unit from the driver’s seat – ideal for monitoring the lifting quality
  • Active and oscillating lifting movement of the shares – for gentle beet loosening and thus less root breakage
  • Pulled arrangement of the share bodies – for low tractive force requirements
  • Lifting depth per share visible and adjustable in the cabin including warnings – for easy learning
  • 70 mm (2.75” in) lateral movement of all share bodies – for flexible row adjustment
  • Integrated hydraulic, maintenance-free stone guard for each row – for best operational security
  • Shares, paddle shaft, and roller speed can be adjusted independently of each other – for perfect lifting under all conditions
  • 7 lifting and cleaning rollers – for more cleaning areas
  • Incremental speeds from only 300-600 rpm – for gentle conveying
  • Lifting rollers with 22-30 mm (0.87-1.18 in) high spiral winding patterns – for maximum conveying capacity
  • Automatic reversing while lifting – for removing stones
  • Option: Various lifting roller diameters for 2nd and 4th lifting rollers – for minimizing losses with special crops and small beets
  • Feeler wheels with 750-800 mm (29.5-31.5 in) diameter – for complete lifting unit height control



Option: HOLMER EasyLift

The EasyLift that was developed by HOLMER automatically takes over the depth control of the individual share bodies so that each beet can be lifted at the optimum depth at all times. For this purpose, the on-board computer calculates the maximum heights of the beet from position measurements and automatically adjusts the working depth of the share bodies. Thanks to this automation, the full potential of the HR lifter can be reliably utilized with the same constant power.


For ease of operation.

  • No excessively low working depth – to avoid breakage losses and damage to the beet body
  • No unnecessarily deep lifting – for less wear and lower fuel consumption; since for every 0.5 in too deep means about 50 ton / acre of unnecessary earth movement
  • Automatic slope system – for optimum adaptation of the HR lifter on slopes
  • Optimum relief for the operator through up to 2,600 regulations per ha (1052 regulations per acre) – for working comfort
  • Perfect lifting results even in the case of yield fluctuations, different beet forms due to different varieties, unevenness on the edge of the field or furrows, sprayer tracks, patchy populations, as well as soil conditions depending on the weather and location - for your profit

Option: DuraShare

HOLMER tested a new type of share during the 2018 beet harvest:

The HOLMER DuraShare has a working life up to twice as long as that of a conventional lifting share. This makes an important contribution to consistently high lifting quality, low wear costs, and minimum downtime.

After the convincing practical test, the DuraShare is available for sugar beet harvest 2019. 


It lasts and lasts and lasts:

  • Forged share from a single cast, so that material is used where it is needed – for more stability and less wear
  • Small carbide plates soldered onto the lower edge as wear protection – for the longest durability
  • Slipstream edge by the carbide plates reduces contact with soil and stones – for lowest material wear
  • Backward compatibility with previous Terra Dos models – for maximum flexibility
  • Design protection – to distinguish yourself from others

Option: HRO-Oppel wheels

The new HRO lifting unit achieves optimum harvesting results especially in light, sandy and moist soils. Under these conditions, the HOLMER Oppel wheel lifting unit works more gently than conventional Oppel wheels.

The drive system of the HRO lifting unit has 40 % more power than that of other Oppel wheel systems. The speed of the Oppel wheels is controlled depending on the travel speed and the advance is automatically readjusted by the computer. The depth of the individual Oppel wheel pairs is automatically adjusted via the patented HOLMER EasyLift system.


Gentle harvesting for light soils:

  • Guided beet flow through active drive of the Oppel wheels – to prevent the beet body from tipping over in very light soils
  • Optimum lifting of beet roots – for maximum yield
  • Automatic single row depth control HOLMER EasyLift – for optimum lifting results and driver relief
  • Break-proof Oppel wheels made of hardened steel – for maximum longevity and perfect operational safety
  • Cutting properties of the Oppel wheels – for minimum risk of clogging even with weed growth
  • 70 mm (2.75 in) lateral mobility of all Oppel wheels – for flexible row adjustment





Option: Wide lifting units

Be it 8, 9 or 12 rows. The wide HR lifting units have been tried and tested for many years, as the world recordholder in beet-lifting with the HR 12 lifting unit shows. The additional rows increase the surface area of the Terra Dos T4 significantly. This helps to reduce the number of non-operating times and save crossings.


Because more shares simply lift more.

  • Diagonal steer already possible with the first lifting – to prevent damaging soil compaction
  • Modular design – for straight-forward maintenance
  • The basis for fast, efficient harvesting – with substantial fuel savings
  • Fewer passes in the field – for active soil protection
  • High lifting speeds – for more area capacity
  • Rapid loading onto loading vehicles of up to 4.00 m (13.12 ft) during lifting – for a coherent logistics concept
  • Transport trailer with suspension for road transport
  • Wider tires possible on the front axle – for optimum weight support
  • Integral topper HS I can be hydraulically tilted by 180° – for easy transport



HOLMER EasyConnect

The fast-coupling frame developed and patented by HOLMER, HOLMER EasyConnect, expands the previous mechanical systems with an automatically coupled hydraulic and electrical supply interface.


Coupling can be very straight-forward.

  • Coupling in a one-man process in under 1 min – for the shortest setup times
  • Convenient coupling and uncoupling from operator‘s seat (mechanical, hydraulic and electric) – for the safety of man and machine
  • No manual coupling of heavy and rigid elements required – for perfect operating comfort
  • Automatic recognition of HR 8/HR 9/HR 12 – for the straightforward use of different lifting units


Clean, undamaged beet means more money. The Terra Dos T4 provides the perfect basis for this. All of the cleaning and transport units, such as the transfer web, turbines and elevator are optimally adjusted for maximum flow rates and perfect cleaning. Together with the new portal axle and the single axle drive concept, the flow rate on the transfer web has been increased by 40 % compared to the previous model.


Because only clean beets are your profit.

  • Incremental adjustments in transfer-web speed, turbine speed and elevator height can be made from the driver’s seat – for optimum cleaning
  • The 900-mm (35.43 in)-wide transfer web comes in different pitches (50, 60, 70 mm), as well as the segment grates in the turbines (spring tines or sliding grates) for varying harvesting conditions
  • Transfer web and elevator belt made of most modern, ultraflexible components – for longer durability
  • Forged guide rails, turbine tines and carriers on the elevator belt – for less wear and less weight
  • Strengthened feeder bars on the elevator – for maximum stability with big harvest yields
  • Optional: Quick-change frame for turbine spring tines – for short setup times
  • 1000 mm (39.4 in)-wide elevator with incrementally variable speed – for quickly transporting the beets to the tank



Adaptive Cleaning


On the headland or at the end of a row there are often few sugar beet in the cleaning system. This increases the contact of each individual beet with the machine components. A higher speed of cleaning, as it is useful in the row for transporting high harvest quantities, leads to increased damage and broken beets. To avoid this, the speed of the HOLMER cleaning system adjusts automatically to pressure and also matches the driving speed of the Terra Dos T4.


One beet cleans the other:

  • Automatic adaptive cleaning plus – for optimum driver relief
  • Independent drives of transfer webs and turbines, pressure-monitored and speed-controlled – for reliably high cleaning and conveying performance
  • Adjustment of transfer belt, turbines and elevator additionally dependent on driving speed –for maximum beet protection when there are few beets in the cleaning system
  • Adjustable settings for the response of the automatic system – for optimum adaptation to different harvesting yields




With the automatically controlled, switchable holding-tank scroll, the beets are optimally distributed in the tank and the fill level is monitored by 2 ultrasonic sensors. This constantly ensures optimal weight distribution and maximum traction.

In the Terra Dos T4-40, the tank auger is also divided. As soon as the hopper is completely filled at the back, the rear part of the auger turns off so as to not damage the beets.

The extended discharge elevator allows beets to be easily unloaded to a trailer while driving, or wide piles to be created easily. Automatic in-line transverse and longitudinal floor chains allow for fast emptying of the tank.


Transfer beets correctly.

  • Tank volume of 30 m³ (39.25 cubic yards ) or 45 m³ (58.85 cubic yards) – ideally suited for every field size
  • 2 ultrasonic sensors – for estimating yields and determining the fill level
  • Terra Dos T4-40. 2-split hopper auger – for optimum filling
  • Measuring of yield by number of bunkers and ton per job – for optimum transportation planning
  • bolted slat scraper floors – for easy maintenance and long durability
  • Cleaning shaft between scraper floor and unloading belt – for additional cleaning
  • Hardox® scraper floor rails – for maximum durability
  • 1,800 mm (70.86 in)-wide unloading belt with gentle plastic carriers – for unloading times of less than 40 or 50 sec
  • Terra Dos T4-40: centrally arranged unloading belt – for evenly filling the unloading belt
  • Unloading belt foldable in three sections while in the field working position – for low vehicle height on the field
  • Last articulated boom section stretched – for maximum loading height and/or distance and minimum fall height at the pile
  • Rapid loading onto loading vehicles of up to 4.00 m (13.12 ft) during lifting – for a coherent logistics concept
  • Automatic folding – for an easy and fast change from road to field position




Engine technology from Mercedes Benz makes the Terra Dos T4 the most efficient sugar beet lifter. No matter whether it is two or three axles. With 652 HP / 480 kW, the Terra Dos T4 is efficiently equipped for a wide range of operating conditions and has sufficient power reserves.

The Terra Dos T4 meets the exhaust gas standard Stage V. AdBlue ensures that nitrogen oxides generated during the combustion process are converted into pure nitrogen and water during the exhaust gas after treatment – for the sake of our environment.


Always perfectly matched.

  • 652 HP / 480 kW – for power reserves and operating safety in any position
  • Exhaust gas level Stage V – for the sake of our environment
  • Performance dependent, automotive speed control of the engine between 1,150 and 1,550 rpm during lifting – for consumption optimised operation
  • Powerful load-sensing hydraulic system – for economical supply of the entire working, drive and steering hydraulics
  • Optimal, stable torque characteristics – for efficient engine performance
  • Max. torque 3,100 Nm at 1,300 rpm – for spraying even at low speeds
  • Hydraulically reversible fan with time control – for clean cooling elements

HOLMER EcoPowerIntelligent. Economically efficient.

EcoPower, which was developed by HOLMER, is unique in the area of self-driving work machines. Depending on the current use (harvesting or transfer), EcoPower selects the optimum range within the diesel engine and drive system map. Thus, it always ensures optimum performance while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum.


Because we use fuel sensibly.

  • Individual drives are decoupled when not in use
  • Optimum operating point on the diesel engine
  • Increase in efficiency of all assembly drive systems and the travel drive
  • Increased efficiency thanks to an increased number of pumps and consequently optimum coordination between pump and assembly
  • Overall optimisation of energy management


The Terra Dos T4 is consistently manufactured in a lightweight and modular design.

A straight central tube frame made of high-strength S700 steel – from one piece – forms the reliable, weight-optimized base frame. The front part of the basic vehicle is connected to the main frame by means of a 60° articulated joint.

This is the basis for maneuverability in any situation and optimum weight distribution.


Simply intelligent driving.

  • Swivel range of the bend of more than 60° – for maximum maneuverability
  • Turning circle (inner) of only 6.50 m (21.32 ft) – for shortest non-productive times
  • Front portal axle with slope support system – for ideal stability in any position


With Terra Dos T4-40.

  • Fixed to the middle axis that is connected to the frame – for high machine stability
  • Rear axle oscillating – for maximum terrain adjustment
  • Rear axle hydraulically sprung including hydraulic load balancing – for optimum driving comfort
  • Axle load regulation depending on the tank filling level – for optimum weight distribution



Propulsion – Be sincere.

Driving comfort, track accuracy and stability on slopes were priority development targets for the Terra Dos T4. Axles that are directly powered hydraulically with highly efficient inclined axle motors guarantee the most efficient power transmission and maximum performance.

In combination with the slope sensor, the innovative propulsion concept of the Terra Dos T4 automatically selects the ideal torque differential between axles (lead) that is needed in every situation.



Use power where it is needed.

  • Hydraulically powered axles with inclined axle motors – for the greatest efficiency
  • Automatic adjustment of the front axle drive torque in relation to the rear axle speed (lead) – to avoid the bulldozing effect and for optimum traction
  • Zero lead in road driving – to reduce tire wear and fuel consumption


Full slope stabilization system.

  • Design-dependent low center of gravity – for maximum stability
  • Bend position close to the front axle – for the lowest center of gravity
  • Slope sensor – for real-time detection of the inclination angle
  • Automatic slope support – for safe driving on hills
  • Automatic adjustment of the lead on the front or rear axle – for track accuracy on hills and stability during turning maneuvers



Tires – Put your best foot forward.

Various tire variants are available for the Terra Dos T4. Thanks to the systematic lightweight design, in conjunction with modern tire technologies, air pressures of min. 1.3 bar (19 psi) are possible.


Because we love our soil.

  • Low tire pressure – for maximum soil preservation
  • Automatic detection of different tire sizes – for flexible tire selection
  • Optional: Large footprint of up to 0.86 m² per wheel (1333 sq in) with MICHELIN CerexBib IF 1000/55 R 32 – for the prevention of harmful compaction
  • Optional: Terra Dos T4-30 with MICHELIN VF 900/60 R 38 CerexBib 2 on the front and MITAS SFT 1250/50 R32 on the rear – for maximum footprints



Michelin CerexBib
Michelin MegaxBib


The offset track driving ensures that it is virtually impossible to roll over the same track twice. With the Terra Dos T4-30, each wheel has its own track. This consistently prevents soil damage from compaction. Given the large contact surfaces of the tires in the diagonal steer, load and traction force are transmitted over a wide surface area – with optimal slip values at the same time. This is how real soil preservation works.


The Terra Dos T4 steering modes.

  • All-wheel steering – for driving without articulated steering
  • Turn steering including articulation – for maximum maneuverability
  • Diagonal steer left/right with 2 selectable steps – for rolling over wide areas and for stable driving behavior also on slopes
  • Combi-drive (combined turn and diagonal steer) – for the best soil protection during turning maneuvers
  • Four-wheel steer – for lifting with 6-row lifting units
  • Manual steering – for independent steering of the rear axle by joystick
  • Road travel (only the front axle is controlled by the steering wheel) – for incremental travel speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph), (also up to 13 km/h (8 mph) with articulated steering)




The illumination concept of the Terra Dos T4 turns night into day. This also ensures optimal visibility during work at night. The operating range of the machine is illuminated up to 100% by max. 28 LED headlights. This guarantees maximum safety during harvesting, unloading, and turning – especially at night.


More light, more safety.

  • Perfect lighting of the work area – for your safety
  • A total of 28 LED working lights with up to 3,400 lm – for the best illumination on the field.
  • Soft light – to protect the eyes
  • 4 x 1,950 lm LED low beam and high beam headlights – for relaxed road driving
  • Energy-saving LED engine compartment lighting – for safety during maintenance work even in the dark




The short season often requires long working days - so it is more important that the operator has an optimal working environment. In the HOLMER Comfort Cab II, all controls are, therefore, ergonomically oriented to the operator. The all glass, sound-insulated cab II, with its low-reaching, single, upward sloping front glass pane, provides an optimal view of the scalpers, lifting shares and cleaning rollers.

The tried and tested HOLMER Comfort Cab II thus ensures comfortable machine operation around the clock – for satisfying work.


After all, the operator is our most important person.

  • GRAMMER active seat: specially built for HOLMER – because you are the focus of our developments
  • Perfect view of scalpers, lifting shares and cleaning rollers, as well as the side areas and discharge elevator – for the best lifting results.
  • Operator-oriented controls – for ergonomic operation
  • Hydrodynamic cabin suspension – for optimum driving comfort
  • Excellent sound insulation with only 63 db volume – for operating comfort
  • Electrically adjustable and heated rear-view mirrors – for an optimum viewing angle
  • Spacious layout with storage – for personal freedom
  • Powerful climate control and tinted thermal insulation glass – for driver comfort
  • Heating – for warm feet on cold days
  • Incrementally adjustable steering column – for individual adjustment
  • Optional: Data printer – for printing out orders instantly




HOLMER SmartDrive is the intuitive operating concept for the Terra Dos T4. The combination of touch terminal, joystick, and jog dial ensures that every desired function is quickly and easily accessible. Short cuts ensure comfortable working – because the operator is our most important person.


The operator in focus.

  • Intuitive operation – for easy and safe operation
  • HOLMER EasyTouch 12.1-inch touch terminal – all information at a glance
  • Ergonomic multi-function arm rest with jog-dial and joystick – for comfortable vehicle operation
  • Orientation of all controls to the operator – since the operator and machine are one unit
  • Discharge elevator controller in the left armrest with incremental regulation and automatic sequence control of the transverse and longitudinal scraper floors – for intuitive operation and ergonomic working 
  • Memory function for 6 individually adjustable basic machine settings (dry - normal - wet - uphill - straight - downhill) – for comfortable working
  • Structured control panel for the 28 LED headlights – for fast operation
  • Speed control – for field and road driving
  • Vehicle diagnostics – for speedy assistance




The Terra Dos T4 is automatically steered during the lifting process. The lifter always stays on track by means of the leaf sensor and the inputs of the share bodies, whose signals are converted to outputs by the on-board computer as steering signal for the axles.

With these and many other technical solutions, we can relieve and support the operator so that he can concentrate on his actual task of delivering excellent lifting quality.


Facilitating the operator‘s workload – tomorrow‘s solutions already here today.

  • Row guidance via leaf sensor and share body – for automatic steering
  • HOLMER TerraControl headland management – for automatic lifting and lowering of the lifter into the next set of rows.
  • Speed control – for comfortable driving on and off road
  • TerraDat data management system with data export – for the most straightforward documentation
  • Optional: HOLMER EasyLift – for automatic single-row depth guide
  • Optional: HOLMER SmartTurn – for automatic turn maneuvers
  • Optional: Up to 6 color cameras in the area of the transfer web, rear of machine, and unloading belt, as well as the HOLMER TopView with max. 270° panorama view – for a perfect overview



Option: SmartTurn – be smart.

The first headland management system for self-propelled harvesters. For the first time, SmartTurn combines the mechanical row steering system and the headland management system TerraControl on the beet lifter with GPS-controlled headland turning, as is known from tractors. This makes automatic turning at the front end possible for the first time – including lifting and re-insertion of the lifting unit, as well as the necessary steering maneuvers.


The joint development of REICHHARDT and HOLMER expands the Terra Dos T4 with a modern, automatic steering and smart-farming function to optimize beet harvesting and soil protection. The system has been awarded a DLG silver medal.


1. An acoustic signal indicates the optimum time for the turning process. The driver activates SmartTurn. The Terra Dos T4 automatically stops lifting when the predetermined limit is reached and it raises the lifting unit at the ideal point.


2. At the same time, GPS steering takes over the turning process, using an ideal turning path. The system automatically checks the correct, next track.


3. There, SmartTurn automatically reinstates the lifting unit at the ideal point. The proven row sensor steering system then takes over control of the machine in the track. REICHHARDT SMART CONTROL records all data which is later available for documentation and evaluation.


The clever way to turn.

  • Automatic control of the vehicle via GPS or row sensor – so that the driver can concentrate entirely on monitoring the lifting quality.
  • Always the best and shortest tracks on the headland without unnecessary maneuvering – for optimum soil protection
  • Automatic lifting and fitting of the lifting unit at the optimum time – for reduced wear and fuel consumption
  • Quicker turning on the headland – for the shortest non-productive times
  • Automatic insertion in the right row – to relieve the driver and to avoid loss of harvest



Option: EasyHelp 4.0 BE OPEN.

HOLMER is developing the EasyHelp 4.0 telematics solution together with Bosch and Arvato Systems.

In addition to a further improved and extended service solution for remote diagnostics and maintenance for HOLMER service, EasyHelp 4.0 is also connected to the well-known farm management system Farmpilot. In this way, job data can be quickly and conveniently transferred online from the computer to the driver‘s cab. At the same time, the Terra Dos T4 reports current machine and order data to the dispatcher.


Modern internet technology here today.

  • Complete transparency of machine data – for easy scheduling
  • Online transfer of order data directly to the Terra Dos T4 – for efficient and convenient machine deployment
  • In the event of a fault, immediate evaluation of the parameters by HOLMER Service – for straight-forward problem identification, quick service, and perfect spare parts supply
  • Connection to the agrirouter data exchange platform – for a manufacturer-independent solution and independent in the choice of farm management system