Terra Dos T4Enter into a new dimension.

Intelligently networked, perfectly constructed. The Terra Dos T4, the milestone in sugar-beet harvesting sets new standards..


The unique HOLMER EasyLift system guarantees best harvesting results, the likeable lightweight construction stands for unrivaled soil protection, the new chassis concept with an integrated slope sensor ensures stability in all situations and the intelligent HOLMER EcoPower combines best performance with the lowest fuel consumption – they make it unrivaled.


Terra Dos T4-30/Terra Dos T4-40Technologically always at its best.

Beet lifting to perfection! This is what the HOLMER Terra Dos T4 has been made for – no matter whether with two or three axles. This is the reason for the Terra Dos T4’s modulardesign: Thus, innovations from years of test and practice are now directly introduced into all series; carry-over parts facilitate spare parts management, the uniform operating concept ensures user-friendliness and the uniform design stands for optimum serviceability. 


  • Directly driven axles with highly efficient bent-axis motors – for traction and protection of the tires
  • Mercedes-Benz engine with 460 kW (626 HP) – for the very greatest degree of efficiency
  • Wide elevator conveyors, transfer webs and discharge elevators – for highest throughput
  • Transverse and longitudinal slat conveyors – for fastest possible discharge
  • HOLMER SmartDrive – for ideal driving comfort



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Lightweight constructionSystematic light-weight approach.

Thanks to HOLMER’s engineering performance, the dead weight of the Terra Dos T4 models has been reduced significantly. Smooth transitions ensure greater stability despite needing less material. Clear and stable designs ensure stability and save weight.



Topper and HOLMER DynaCutPrecision at the peak of perfection.

The toppers of the Terra Dos T4 feature impressive, high-quality workmanship and can be adapted to individual lifting conditions perfectly – always providing the very best results.


KOS I:  Integral topper that spreads the chopped leaves between the rows

  • Allows side-by-side lifting
  • The best starting situation for protective soilworking and sowing




KOS KO: Combines all of the functions of the integral topper with the proven leaf-spreading topper System


  • Hydraulically operated and secured leaf screws and spreader tables allow large volumes of leaves and weeds - to be spread evenly across large areas
  • Functions can be turned off from the driver’s seat during the lifting process – - for comfortable flexibility
  • Topper shaft (600 mm diameter) with forged Tblades for long durability under optimal chopping
  • This creates a low topper-shaft speed for low fuel consumption
  • Topper units allow row spacing of either 45 or 50 cm, as well as variable row spacing between 45 and 50 cm
  • Additional special bodies available for use with the HR lifter
  • Toppers have fully screwed-on steel plate construction for easy maintenance
  • Leaf sensor can be controlled hydraulically from the cabin
  • Hard coating available for scalper crowns and blades
  • Scalper support pipe is automatically adjusted when the topper height changes
  • Leaf collecting with HOLMER leaf conveyor belt


HOLMER has perfected the defoliating cutting technique with the DynaCut. Its new geometry allows the DynaCut to harvest the entire beet without any leaves left attached. The stems remain after the topping process, which ensures height control without any losses from too-deep scalping.


  • More agile handling of the scalpers due to reduced weight, which prevents unscalped beets
  • Perfect work quality, even at higher lifting speeds
  • Driver can adjust the scalping level from “whole beet” to the “standard estimate scheme” (Göttinger Schätzrahmen) – for optimal harvesting results
  • Prevents beets from being scalped too low
  • Works with the established HOLMER KOS toppers
  • No additional expense due to maintenance and costs


[Translate to Amerikanisches Englisch:] HOLMER Kombi-Entblatter

HOLMER Lifter unitsimply harvest more.

Optimal harvesting results for 6 to 12 rows:


The automatic depth control system HOLMER EasyLift makes the HOLMER lifter units unique, the driver harvests, what is grown, with  reduced fuel consumption. High-quality materials guarantee minimum wear and the HOLMER EasyConnect offers maximum safety and perfect driver comfort with 9 or 12- row lifter units.



HOLMER EasyLift – the new ease of lifting operation.

HR lifter unit – optimum results.

The new HOLMER HR lifter unit, which has been given the DLG award, offers automatic and independent depth control for each individual row, optimum lifting over the entire working width, reduced wear and fuel consumption.  The recipe for success of the HR-lifter unit is its modular structure of the single row unit , which is automatically adjusting to every plant population.

The HR lifter is available in three models:


  • HR 45 – consistent 45 cm row spacing
  • HR 50 – consistent 50 cm row spacing
  • VHR – variable row spacing (45; 47.5; 48; 50 cm)

Its special benefits:


  • Avoids breakage losses through individual and automatic setting of the lifting depth for each row
  • Reduces unnecessary working depth and protects the machine against unnecessary wear
  • Lifting depth can be adjusted at the edge of the field or in machine tracks
  • Lower power requirement thanks to integrated vibrating share operation in every row
  • Integrated hydraulic, maintenance-free stone guard for each row
  • Forged steel shares retaining components
  • Various possible share positions
  • Significantly lower tensile force required due to the new arrangement of the share body
  • Various lifter roller diameters for the 2nd and 4th lifter roller, in order to avoid loss in special conditions and with small beet
  • Double and/or quadruple hard coating available (for first lifter roll)
  • Innovative, higher windings of the lifter rolls to increase delivery output while being gentle on the beets
  • Automatic reversion system for the last lifter roll on raising
  • Share level, depth wheel shaft and roller track level can be adjusted independently of each other



HRM-Rodeaggregate – mehr Flächenleistung, mehr Effizienz

HRM MR lifter units  More ground coverage. More efficiency.
With the MR lifter units, HOLMER offers 8- and 9-row lifter units with impressive practical advantages:


  • Smooth running due to the ideal drawn arrangement of the share bodies
  • The best possible view of the topper, scalper and lifter units
  • Each row offers fully automatic adjustments for uneven ground, with a working width of more than 5 m
  • 7 hydraulically reversible lifter rollers with automatic reverse lifting
  • Automatic steering is possible even during the first lifting cycle
  • Provides the basis for enormous lifting performance with significant fuel savings
  • Modular structure provides a wide range of row spacing options
  • Lifter with adjustable roller table and single row units in various row numbers and row widths up to a total working width of 5.,00 m
  • In combination with integral topper plus fast-coupling system HOLMER EasyConnect and transport trolley for street transfer
  • 70 mm linear lateral mobility of all share arms
  • EasyLift: automatic single row depth adjustment (optional)
  • Reversible lifter roller with automatic reverse Lifting



HOLMER EasyConnect

The fast-coupling frame developed and patented by HOLMER, HOLMER EasyConnect, expands the previous mechanical systems with an automatically coupled hydraulic and electrical supply interface.


Impressive benefits:


  • Greater machine efficiency thanks to reduced set-up times
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to convenient coupling and uncoupling from the driver’s seat (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical)
  • Additional comfort due to elimination of heavy, rigid elements requiring manual coupling
  • No risk of confusion when connecting hydraulic and electrical lines
  • Driver assistance and system protection



CleaningA tidy business.

Clean, undamaged beets mean more money! The Terra Dos T4 provides the perfect basis for this. All of the cleaning and transport units, such as the transfer web, turbines and elevator are optimally adjusted for enormous flow rates. Together with the new portal axle, the flow rate on the transfer web has been increased by 40%.


  • Incremental adjustments in transfer-web speed, turbine speed and elevator height can be made from the driver’s seat
  • Equipped according to customer specifications: the 900-mm-wide transfer web can be divided (50, 60, 70 mm), as well as the segment grates in the turbines (spring tines or sliding grates) for varying harvesting conditions
  • Transfer webs and turbines with independent drives are pressure-monitored and speed-regulated
  • Fast-swap frame available for bar gates
  • Automatic compensation of load peaks thanks to pressure-dependent increase of velocity: adaptive cleaning for extremely gentle treatment of the beet and maximum operating safety at reduced speed levels
  • Elevator with forged actuators and incrementally adjustable speed
  • Cleaning shaft between the slat conveyor and the discharge elevator for additional cleaning



With the automatically controlled, switchable holding-tank scroll, the Terra Dos T4 enables optimum distribution of the beet throughout the holding tank. In the Terra Dos T4-40, a free-ranging claw coupling in the tank auger protects the beet and reduces damage. Optimal weight distribution across all of the axles is constantly ensured using sensors in the holding tank, the hydraulic system, the chassis and the hillside compensator system. The extended discharge elevator allows beets to be unloaded to a trailer while driving, or wide heaps to be created easily. Automatic in-line transverse and longitudinal floors, allow the tank to be emptied in less than 50 seconds.






FramesA solid foundation

  • The Terra Dos T4 frame concept:
    Portal axle with a suspended support system on the front allows for maximum tire size (IF 800/700 R38) and creates 40% higher transfer-web throughput
  • Optimum stability on inclines and track-keeping on lateral slopes thanks to the low centre of gravity
  • Extremely good stability even in difficult turning maneuvers on the slope thanks to the low center of gravity and the optimum location of the articulation frame
  • Maximum maneuverability thanks to the articulation being located very close to the front axle

Extras featured by Terra Dos T4-40:


  • Rigidly installed middle axle provides a high basic stability of the machine (1050/50 R32) in all situations
  • In particular, the third axle (1050/50 R32) controlled via the central tube with a ball coupling, and supported by hydraulic cylinders with a position-sensor system and a piston accumulator, allows for: 
  • axle-load regulation based on the holding tank fill level to ensure even loads on all axles
  • a high level of spring comfort
  • the greatest possible degree of traction thanks to longitudinal compensation, lateral oscillation and axle load control as well as the intelligent distribution of driving power
  • suspended support system for the entire machine
  • lightweight, robust construction

DriveEfficient and dynamic.

In the Terra Dos T4, the latest engine technology for economical consumption comes into play. Perfect coordination with the entire drive system technology is guaranteed for all of the operating points.


  • New Mercedes six-cylinder in-line engine with 460 kW (626 HP) and SCR technology (AdBlue)
  • Load-dependent automotive speed regulation of the engine between 1,150 and 1,550 rpm for consumption-optimized operation
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system for economical supply of all work, drive and steering hydraulics
  • Pump drive with integrated driveline disconnection for a reduced fuel consumption on the road
  • Fulfils the latest exhaust-gas standard, EuroMot 4



HOLMER EcoPowerIntelligent. Economically efficient.

EcoPower developed by HOLMER is unique in the area of self-propelled work machines. Depending on the current driving mode (harvesting or transfer) and the degree of utilization of the travel drive, on all assembly drive systems and on the central multi-pump drive, HOLMER EcoPower selects the optimum range within the diesel engine and drive system map. Thus, it always ensures optimum performance while keeping fuel consumption
down to a minimum.


  • Optimum operating point on the diesel engine, considerable increase in efficiency of all assembly drive systems and travel drive, independent of the working process
  • Increased efficiency thanks to an increased number of pumps and consequently optimum coordination between pump and assembly
  • Overall optimization of energy management
  • Individual drive units which are not used temporarily are uncoupled to reduce fuel consumption



WorkplaceFunctionality with the highest level of comfort.

The short harvesting season means long working hours. Achieving the best working results requires a high level of comfort for operating personnel. This is guaranteed by the
HOLMER SmartDrive – an operating concept perfectly geared to assist the driver. The new all-glass, sound-insulated HOLMER comfort cab II, with its low-reaching, single front glass pane, provides an optimal view of the scalpers, lifting shares and cleaning rollers. The sides of the machine, including the discharge elevator, can also be easily seen by glancing over  your shoulder.


  • The latest generation hydropneumatic cabin suspension from Continental
  • Air-suspended, heated GRAMMER comfort seat with head rest - specially manufactured for HOLMER (optional)
  • Retractable, heated exterior mirrors
  • Structured operating panel for the 28 LED and xenon spotlights
  • Incrementally adjustable steering column
  • Automatic climate control
  • Pull-out sun shade
  • Monitoring with up to six color cameras in the area of the transfer web, the back of the machine and the discharge elevator + HOLMER TopView 360° panoramic view
  • Data printer for printing out orders instantly
  • Cruise control feature for field and road travel
  • Discharge-elevator controls in the left armrest include incremental discharge speed and automatic sequence control for the transverse and longitudinal





  • Ergonomically designed function armrest with jog dial control
  • HOLMER EasyTouch for comfortable machine operation
  • Memory feature for 6 individually adaptable basic machine settings: dry – normal – wet – uphill – straight ahead – downhill



TerraDAT is a software program developed by HOLMER for convenient management of job data, customer and machine data on a PC. In particular, it allows users to:

  • Create databases for customer data, and transfer them to the machine using a USB stick
  • Analyze all of the machine, driver and harvest data, operating overviews and individual assignment
  • Monitor and send reminders about maintenance
  • Track current lifting data online, together with the GSM module (optional)