Twice new: Sugar beet loading with HOLMER RRL 200 eco and Terra Felis 3

Twice new: Sugar beet loading with HOLMER RRL 200 eco and Terra Felis 3


In 2017, HOLMER launched two new sugar beet cleaner loaders at once: the RRL 200 eco trailer, which was already tested as a prototype in 2016, and the new Terra Felis 3, with a height-adjustable cab, which will be on exhibit at Agritechnica 2017.

HOLMER has been gathering experience in sugar beet loading since 1979:


  • At the time, the first sugar beet loaders (RRL) were being built in Eggmühl. In 1988, 51 of them were delivered. Holmer has relaunched the RRL for the 2017 campaign: the RRL 200 eco is in operation internationally and has been loading beets at the sugar factory in Anklam.
  • In 1993, HOLMER built its first self-propelled sugar beet cleaner loader, which was equipped with the first hydraulic vertically adjustable cab.
  • In 2007, HOLMER has begun serially producing the Terra Felis and will launch the latest generation in time for the anniversary.



The Terra Felis 3 at a glance:


  • Safe loading: To meet the challenge of properly loading the transport vehicles, HOLMER offers the combination of a height-adjustable cab and the DynaFill driver assistance system. The panorama cab lifts up and moves back a bit at the same time, in order to give the driver a much better view of the loading process, the bottom belt of the Terra Felis, and the truck. The known HOLMER DynaFill uses laser sensors to scan the vehicle, recognize the discharge cone of sugar beets, and with this information, automatically control the loading process.
  • Patented HOLMER VarioPick: this tried-and-true cleaning line has three independently adjustable pairs of rollers for the gentlest cleaning process possible. For customized cleaning, the angle of incidence of the whole intake can be set to between 17 and 22 degrees. For beets that don’t need much cleaning, this allows the usual flat intake for lower diesel consumption, the highest load capacity, and the gentlest handling during transport. Conversely, when necessary, a steeper angle of incidence opens up the maximum possible ground clearance of the rear intake area, creating a place to deposit the cleaned soil. Under extreme conditions, this also prevents the intake from floating and eliminates the extra time needed to clean the leased space.
  • Four after-cleaner options to choose from: a filter belt for light soil, HOLMER Cleaner for medium to heavy soil, and Holmer VarioCleaner for varied conditions. The HOLMER CrossRoller flex, for maximum cleaning of extremely high soil content, is a new addition. Large stones can also be separated out, as the three helical rollers can retract via a special spring assembly and simultaneously pull the stones downwards. Above, the beets are moved further along.
  • Engine: the Terra Felis has a 7.7 liter MTU, 260 KW (354 hp) motor featuring AdBlue technology. The famous HOLMER EcoPower concept, which decouples hydraulics not needed during road travel, ensures optimal energy efficiency. The Terra Felis 3 is available on request as a variant for rapid transfer to the road at 40 km/h.
  • The quickest automatic fold: at the push of a button, the Terra Felis 3 switches from road travel to loading mode and automatically folds out all the necessary assemblies. The foldable tank, which acts as a counterbalance to ensure maximum stability, swivels out automatically.

The Terra Felis 3 will enter serial production following rigorous testing during the 2017-2018 harvest season.




Terra Felis 3: the height-adjustable cab and the HOLMER DynaFill driver assistance system guarantee uniform loading of transport vehicles.

Newly launched: the RRL 200 eco sugar beet cleaner loader trailer.