Successful sugarbeet harvest in America


The sugarbeet harvest of 2020 came to an end on November 20th.

The growers on the current contract had a wet, yet satisfactory growing season in comparison to last year’s contract. Up to 36 ton per acre was reached with a sugar content of 18-20%. Montana is the only region that did not have a satisfactory growing season, having to battle with the weather and a loss of up to 30% of their crop due to freezing temperatures.


The year 2020, was HOLMER Americas best sales year since their launch in 2011.

HOLMER’S harvesters are well represented in Michigan, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, North

Dakota, and Wyoming. Many growers are more and more drawn to the self-propelled harvesters especially in wet seasons. Farmers that are interested in the HOLMER Terra Dos T4 sugarbeets harvesters are especially drawn to the driving assist systems and wide lifting units. The automatic single row depth guidance such as the EasyLift, increases the quality of the harvest and has some economic advantages in which 9 and 12 rows/lifting units are possible. The Terra Felis is another type of self-propelled sugarbeet loader that has gained popularity amongst the American sugarbeet growers.




The HOLMER BeetCart - Manufactured by HOLMER Americas- is very beneficial in the productivity of the beethar. The 40 ton rubber tracked beet cart eliminates soil compaction and makes crop transportation ideal. Specifically on the HOLMER equipment, the fells can be added to insure a smooth and soft sugarbeet transport on the conveyer belt.

Here were the last 2020 sugarbeets harvested. With the HR-12 Header the Terra Dos T4 has harvested double the amount of sugarbeets and weights as much as the 6-row sugarbeet harvester from other competitive brands.