News from the HOLMER World!


We have used the Corona crisis as a chance to expand the HOLMER Terra Dos T4 operator training offer. It has been nearly impossible to carry out the usual operator trainings at the headquarter in Schierling, Germany due the temporary lockdown and entry restrictions. So, apractical, Corona-compliant solution was needed: the HOLMER trainingvideos! 

The most important settings that are part of operating an harvester are briefly explained in short and precise individual episodes. This makes it convenient for someone new to using the HOLMER equipment or someone who wants to increase their knowledge to easily be able to access the videos. A wide selection of topics are available, from the DynaCut basic setting to wear control to setting the turbine speed, various topics are covered for every operating level. Because we have consistently been receiving positive feedback, more training videos are in the works! Videos can be viewed on our Youtube channel, facebook, instagram or our homepage as usual. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions!


There are also some great videos on the self-propelled harvesting technology available through our service partner, Safe-T-Pull in the Red River Valley. The benefits of the HOLMER Terra Dos T4 and why it is the future of sugar beet harvesting technology in America, has been described by Jacob Kingstad. Along with all of the technical features, the cost of a Terra Dos is also discussed. A video that is really worth watching is a Q & A of Josh and Jacob our service technicians. Watch the videos and let us know what other topics interest you!