New Universal Spreader for the Terra Variant 585: A Holmer and Annaburger Joint Venture

New Universal Spreader for the Terra Variant 585: A Holmer and Annaburger Joint Venture


Holmer Maschinenbau GmbH presented the Terra Variant 585 at EuroTier back in 2016. The carrier vehicle is currently available with either Zunhammer slurry technology or the Holmer Multibunker MB 35 for overloaded beets, shredded maize, and whole plant silage. Together with Annaburger Nutzfahrzeug GmbH, at Agritechnica 2017 Holmer is now introducing a new universal spreader that can be mounted on the Terra Variant.

The universal spreader powered by Annaburger at a glance:

•    The universal spreader has a useful volume of 17.4 cubic meters. The board wall, made of wear-resistant S700 MC, and an edge protector made of hardwood were kept low for easy loading. The loading height is only about 3.60 m.

•    The spreading material is transported to the spreader plates with the aid of the two-row scraper floor. Hydraulically driven with a central gearbox, the reversible scraper base has screwed scraper bars for aglime paired with high-wear-resistant flat link chains. The speed of the separately adjustable scraper floor ranges from 0.1 to 3.3 m/min and to even as high as 6 m/min for high speed unloading. An automatic hydraulic preloading system for the scraper floor is a new feature. It always sets the optimal pretension automatically. For maintenance purposes, the scraping floor can be depressurized manually. This enables a simple exchange of scraper floor bars and chain links.

•    The spreader has a hydraulic drive. The spreader feed is 2.30 m wide and 1.32 m high. The feed height is displayed on the terminal digitally. The two horizontal milling drums with ripping tines have a diameter of 53 cm. They are driven by an angular gearbox and a drive shaft. The two spreader plates have a diameter of 1.13 m. There are six adjustable launchers that are fastened with screws; the spreader bars are secured separately by means of a cam switching clutch. A special feature is that, for the first time, the spreader and ripping tine speeds can be set separately from each other thanks to the hydraulic drives.

•    The universal spreader is equipped with eight load cells for recording and precise automatic control of the spread volume.

•    To minimize the need for maintenance, the scraper floor, shaft bearing, and gearbox are connected to the central lubrication system.

•    The spreader is detachable. Four hydraulically telescoping supports can also be attached to the assembly. Exchanging it with a Multibunker MB 35 will increase the use to capacity of the carrier vehicle and can ensure even greater economy of use.

The Terra Variant 585 is the perfect carrier vehicle for the universal spreader: with 585 hp (430 kW), it has enough power reserves to utilize the assembly efficiently. It protects farmland with a crab steering mode, the high roll-over speed, and Michelin CerexBib IF 1000/55 R 32 CFO tires. To further optimize weight, the Terra Variant 585 with universal spreader is also available without three-point.
The Terra Variant is operated as usual with the intuitive Holmer SmartDrive system - the spreader assembly is operated via the ISOBUS terminal. The terminal controls are integrated into the Terra Variant 585’s multifunctional control stalk.



The new universal spreader for the Holmer Terra Variant 585 – powered by Annaburger.