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The year 2020, was HOLMER Americas best sales year since their launch in 2011. With the increase in sugarbeet harvesters, quite a burden has been put on the American customer service team. The HOLMER Americas team with the help of families, excelled in the 2020 harvest season. During the busy harvest season, HOLMER employees had to sacrifice their time with their families/significant others while putting in more hours at work to ensure a successful harvest season. As the partners are very supportive of their colleagues' efforts, the HOLMER Americas team delivered a bouquet of flowers to their homes with a personal thank you. The surprise was very well received and HOLMER America is ready for a repeat during next year’s season.


The HOLMER Americas team wishes everyone a joyful and relaxing Christmas. We would like

to thank all of our customers and the trusting relationship we have built together.

HOLMER Americas would like to personally thank families/significant others that have supported our employes in making this a successful 2020 season.