RRL 200 ecoSimple. Low-priced. Sugar beet loading.

The pulled sugar beet cleaner loader RRL 200 eco is the easiest and most cost-efficient solution to clean and load sugar beets. The RRL 200 eco is used whenever loading is a logistic challenge: Whether at very small loading places, at very wide piles or at difficult loading places which are hard to overlook.

The RRL 200 eco is so compact that it can be used on the smallest space. Wheel loader, shovel excavator or tractor fill the 9 m ³ big bunker – in this way the drawing vehicle can be optimally used to capacity. Operations are carried out by remote control what guarantees the best possible security for the driver. With a load width of up to 9.50 m, a load height of up to 5.50 m and an up to 125 ° rotatable loading arm the RRL is applicable absolutely flexible and bridges even bigger distances, ditches or embankments.

The cleaning of the sugar beets is done by a roller cleaner with a stone separator roller. Thus, the removal trucks only load what really should be transported to the sugar factory – sugar beets.