Terra Variant 435The slurry trac for everyone.

The Terra Variant 435 is the „little brother” of the Terra Variant 585. The extremely light slurry tanker is perfect for fertilising the crop in spring and to spread slurry close to the soil. The intuitive operating concept HOLMER SmartDrive integrates now the control of the slurry technique into the HOLMER EasyTouch screen.


The little Terra Variant has a completely new hydrostatic travel drive with single-axle drives that allow stepless driving from 0-40 km/h – cardan shafts are not necessary. Because of the consequent HOLMER lightweight construction, the Terra Variant weighs only approx. 16.7 t including 16 m³ slurry technique.


The driver assistance system HOLMER DynaProtect allows an individual, automatic regulation of the lead of both driving axles in every situation. Depending on the fall of ground and the crop cover, it guarantees optimum protection of crop and soil as well as directional stability in row crops. On the street is minimizes wear costs and diesel consumption.


The Trac Concept Being in balance.

Protecting agricultural land is our primary goal. A low vehicle weight, high rolling-over speed, a carried load (as opposed to pulled), and the right driving strategy are the key factors. The large-volume tyre completes the Trac concept. The Terra Variant 435 combines optimum soil conservation and greatest possible manoeuvrability with a perfectly coordinated volume.


With a turning radius of only 6,80 m and two steering axles, the Terra Variant is extremely manoeuvrable. Its wheelbase of 4.26 m and the central tubular frame guarantee maximum stability in every situation.


Satisfied customers in all fields:

  • 6.80 m turning radius – for small fields
  • 2 planetary steering axles – for optimum manoeuvrability
  • 4.26 m long wheelbase – for very good stability
  • Stable central tubular frame – as the basis for maximum longevity
  • Comfortable chassis with 3rd and 4th axle for driving on roads – for your safety in road traffic

Mounting area

When working with loads, it is important that the mounting area is ideally positioned on the tractor. Only in this way, can perfect weight distribution be guaranteed – and this is the prerequisite for optimum soil conservation and driving comfort.


Sustainable and efficient work:

  • Carried loads - not pulled – the basis for all soil protection 
  • 16 m³ slurry build-up – perfectly matched to the vehicle
  • Ideal weight distribution – for best driving characteristics


Michelin CEREXBIB 2

The Terra Variant 435 in the standard version is equipped with MICHELIN CerexBib. This brand new tyre technology allows for a low inner tyre pressure of min. 1.2 bar with a footprint of up to 0.78 m² per wheel, enabling best soil preservation.


Terra tyres for optimum soil protection:

  • Low tyre pressure – for maximum soil preservation
  • Large footprint of up to 0.87 m² per wheel with MICHELIN CerexBib 2 VF 900/60 R38 – for the prevention of harmful compaction and for optimum weight distribution
  • Low track depth – for uniform growth
  • High roll-over speed – for low soil compaction
  • Row crop tyres – for spreading in row crops



Diagonal steer

Offset track driving ensures that each surface is rolled over only once. Each wheel has its own track. The four wheels of equal size make the weight evenly distributed. This consistently prevents soil damage from compaction. Given the large contact surfaces of the tyres in the diagonal steer, load and traction force are transmitted over a wide surface area – with optimal slip values at the same time. This is how real soil preservation works.


The Terra Variant 435 steering modes:

  • All-wheel steering – for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Automatic steer left/right – for rolling over wide areas and stable driving behaviour on side slopes
  • Four-wheel steering – for using the multi-pass-effect during lane-in-lane rides
  • Manual steering – for independent steering of the rear axle by joystick
  • Road driving – for high road safety in public traffic



Front axle suspension and slope support

Safety and consistently high driving comfort is ensured by the unique HOLMER front axle suspension with slope support and automatic levelling control. In connection with the wheelbase of 4,26 m and the wide Terra tyres, the Terra Variant easily masters slopes with maximum driving stability.

Safety and driving comfort in all positions with the Terra Variant:

  • Fully automatic and stepless level control – allowing operators to concentrate on their tasks
  • Spring hardness adjustable in three steps – to adapt to local conditions
  • Floating axle with all degrees of freedom – for maximum terrain adaptation
  • Lockable slope supports – to adapt to local conditions
  • Active suspension even with locked slope support – for ideal driving comfort even on slopes



MotorOrganise your powers.

Engine technology from Mercedes Benz and its low weight make the Terra Variant 435 the perfect vehicle for spring use. With 435 PS / 320 kW, attachments up to 3 t can be used without any problems and loads are supported in a way that protects the soil. The Terra Variant meets the exhaust gas standard Tier V. AdBlue ensures that nitrogen oxides generated during the combustion process are converted into pure nitrogen and water during the exhaust gas after treatment – for the sake of our environment. For regular maintenance work, access to the engine area is possible – for safety and ergonomic working conditions.


The „small" Terra Variant:  

  • 435 PS / 320 kW – for appropriate power reserves
  • Exhaust gas level Tier V – environmentally friendly
  • Optimal torque characteristics – for efficient engine performance
  • Max. torque 2,100 Nm at 1.300 rpm – for low engine speeds and low fuel consumption
  • Automotive speed control – for consumption-optimised operation
  • Low diesel consumption – for optimum cost control
  • Engine located in front of the front axle – where it is cleanest
  • Easy accessibility – for ergonomic maintenance work
  • Hydraulically reversible fan with time control – for clean cooling elements
  • Diesel and AdBlue tank caps next to each other – for fast refuelling

Drive trainStay ahead.

The „small" Terra Variant has an innovative hydrostatic travel drive with independent single-axle drives, which enables stepless travel from 0-40 km/h – cardan shafts to the axles are therefore no longer required. Two separate travel drive pumps are installed on the pump transfer case for independent control of the axles. Each axle drive therefore has its own power supply.


New vehicle, new concept:

  • Hydrostatic travel drive – for seamless travel from 0-40 km/h
  • Two single-axle drives – for driving without cardan shafts
  • Large drum brakes – for your safety
  • Compressed air brake system optional – for towed attachments
  • Central lubrication – for all important lubrication points
  • Lubrication intervals adjustable – for individual applications
  • Top speed 40 km/h on the road – for fast transfer
  • Top speed of 32 km/h in field driving – for efficient working


Three-point mountKeep promises.

The fully hydraulically pivotable rear power lift of the Terra Variant has been specially designed for the professional spreading of fertiliser. Only the Terra Variant has this unique technology.


The three-point mount which is suspended on the main frame via a two pivot cylinder arranged transversely at the bottom features fully automatic pivoting to the left and right. All the connection points between the vehicle and the attachment are always in a straight line of traction thanks to the fully pivoting frame, even in diagonal steer mode. This allows the material to optimally absorb the forces during slurry application – for perfect durability of the components.


A loading or unloading system is integrated as standard for slurry injectors. By pressing a button on the terminal of the attachment, the driver can either pressurise the attachment in dry conditions or relieve pressure in wet conditions.

Unique for self-propelled machines:

  • Fully tiltable three-point mount – for maximum stability
  • Three-point mount category III – for attachments of up to 3 t
  • Straight-acting forces – for stress-free use and thus the longevity of all assemblies
  • 3 double acting control units; time and quantity adjustable – for absolute flexibility
  • Load-sensing and power-beyond – for optimum oil supply
  • Standard loading and unloading – for slurry injection into stationary stock
  • Three-point mount freewheel over the terminal easy to adjust – for lowest wear
  • Integrated into the central lubrication system – for maintenance free work
  • Top link in category 3/4 – perfectly aligned to attachments
  • Safety hook or ball eyes can be selected for lower links – for various attachments