Terra Variant 435The slurry trac for everyone.

The Terra Variant 435 is the „little brother” of the Terra Variant 585. The extremely light slurry tanker is perfect for fertilising the crop in spring and to spread slurry close to the soil. The intuitive operating concept HOLMER SmartDrive integrates now the control of the slurry technique into the HOLMER EasyTouch screen.


The little Terra Variant has a completely new hydrostatic travel drive with single-axle drives that allow stepless driving from 0-40 km/h – cardan shafts are not necessary. Because of the consequent HOLMER lightweight construction, the Terra Variant weighs only approx. 16.7 t including 16 m³ slurry technique.


The driver assistance system HOLMER DynaProtect allows an individual, automatic regulation of the lead of both driving axles in every situation. Depending on the fall of ground and the crop cover, it guarantees optimum protection of crop and soil as well as directional stability in row crops. On the street is minimizes wear costs and diesel consumption.