Terra Felis 3The best in its class

The Terra Felis 3 is the most modern beet cleaner loader in the world. The Terra Felis has already proven itself internationally for 10 years, and has since been setting standards in gentle and efficient beet-loading – as the pick-up that has been developed and patented by HOLMER proves.


HOLMER DynaFill for the automatic loading of trucks, the largest cab or the fastest automatic folding system – the Terra Felis 3 offers the utmost comfort. The cleaning concept can be individually customised and offers solutions for all use conditions. 9.50 m pick-up width, 15 m transfer loading range and intelligent counterweight balancing the overall concept.







Pick-upsBe considerate.

Different conditions, different settings: With the patented HOLMER pick-up, the cleaning path, and thus the cleaning intensity, can be adjusted individually at the push of a button. For this purpose, the rotational speeds of finger and transfer rollers, as well as distribution and gathering rollers, can be adjusted steplessly. 

Higher speeds on the distribution rollers first convey the beets on the cleaning table to the outside. This almost doubles the cleaning distance compared to the gentle setting.


Cleaning without compromise, because it is only the beet that matters:

  • A total of 18 wear-resistant rollers with automatic reversing function – for perfect cleaning
  • As a standard, all cleaning rollers have up to a fourfold hard welds, as well as max. 3-ply special reinforcement on the coils of the gathering rollers – for lowest wear and maximum durability
  • Proven variable cleaning distance through 3 independently adjustable roller types (finger and transfer rollers, distribution rollers and gathering rollers) – for uncompromising beet protection at maximum loading capacity
  • Large roller diameter of 140 mm and 20 mm coil diameter; 17 spiral windings per roller – for reduced wear without sticking
  • Gathering roller drum with constant diameter and integrated bearing; carbide plate at the end of the coils – for reduced resistance of the beets during transfer to the in-feed conveyor, reduced breakage loss and maximum wear protection
  • 9.50 m pick-up width (inside) – for flexibility in all operations
  • Low speed with high loading efficiency – for lower fuel consumption
  • Stepless speed monitoring of the drives including automatic and manual reversing of all rollers – for unobstructed work
  • Pointed tip with replaceable tip and two-piece hood – for easy maintenance
  • Automatic residual beet pick-up including offset function and pendulum compensation on the pile clearer – for comfortable and straightforward residual beet pick-up
  • Optional water spray system up to 1200 l (continuous operation, interval, in case of hydraulic pressure, separate pre-selection of spraying and non-spraying intervals, switching right/left) – for reliable loading and cleaning without compromises
High speed: The cleaning route is nearly getting doubled.
Gentle adjustment: Beets are carries directly to the middle belt.

The unique extension for the best pick-up of all times: With the newly-developed HOLMER VarioPick, both the cleaning efficiency and the working angle can be individually adjusted. If the crop is only lightly soiled, a low working angle ensures minimum fuel consumption through optimised, smooth pulling; in case of increased soiling, a higher working angle provides additional space for the removed soil and weeds. This consistently rules out any floating of the pick-up.


Perfect cleaning in any position with the HOLMER VarioPick:

  • Individually adjustable working angle – for fuel-saving and optimum cleaning
  • Adjustment of the pick-up angle from 17° to 22°– for additional space for the removed soil and weeds – to rule out  any floating of the pick-up

CleaingBe sensitive.

Cleaning path

In the Terra Felis, the sugar beet passes through various cleaning stations: First in the HOLMER VarioPick, followed by one of the four available post-cleaning options. 

The two stations are connected by the 900 mm wide in-feed conveyor, which, thanks to the large passageway to the market, guarantees powerful and gentle transport of the beets from the pick-up to the post-cleaning. An ingenious drop step system ensures that the beets are gently transported from cleaning component to cleaning component.


We know what beets want:

  • 900 mm wide in-feed conveyor – for unprecedented powerful and gentle beet transport
  • Resistant, soft PU drivers incl. dirt flaps on the waist belt – for high throughput and optimum beet protection
  • More throughput at a lower belt speed – for less wear and reduced breakage losses
  • Filter belt for cushioning the drop step from the in-feed conveyor – for up to 30% fewer beet breakages
  • Cleaning path flexibly adjustable from 24.4 m to max. 32.0 m – for adapting to the cleaning requirements
  • Automatic shut-off strategies for reversing the pick-up and post-cleaner – for unobstructed working and prevention of damage



Different soils, different cleaning: Always perfect cleaning with the unique, perfectly co-ordinated HOLMER cleaner from VarioPick, feed-in conveyor and post-cleaning versions, which are interconnected over a suspension component. HOLMER exclusively offers four different post-cleaners which can be easily replaced. The perfect combination of cleaning and beet protection is guaranteed for every type of soil.

Unique for self-propelled machines:

Four variants, tailored to your needs.

HOLMER Filter Belt Cleaner – for light soils

The beets are transported extremely gently. Only the slightly adherent soil drops over the 900 mm wide filter belt. The cleaning causes the minimum of wear, making it extremely cost-effective.

HOLMER Cleaner – for medium to heavy soils

The gentle pinch roller cleaner increases cleaning performance – for intensive cleaning of practically all soils. Thanks to a low dropping height, the interaction with the filter belt minimises root breakage losses at the transfer point.

Trough-shaped arranged rollers with up to 4-seam hard weld deposit – for lowest wear at maximum performance.

Optional with beet brake and water sprinkler system.

HOLMER CrossRoller flex – for stony or extremely heavy soils

Even large stones and extremely sticky soil are removed effortlessly: 3 specially sprung cross rollers separate the stones from the beet. In the case of stoneless beet, the cross rollers can be covered with a filter belt for optimum beet protection.

VarioCleaner – for changing conditions

The beets can be cleaned gently or intensively, according to your needs - for reduced breakage loss.

If small pieces of dirt enter, the pinch rollers can be partially and steplessly covered by a filter belt. Therefore, the HOLMER VarioCleaner is the intelligent complete solution for a wide range of requirements - from heavy and light soil to tall weeds.

The filter belt can be adjusted steplessly during the loading operation, thus adapting the cleaning intensity – for flexible settings during loading.

Optional with beet brake and water sprinkler system.

Transfer loading Work precisely.

Difficult-to-access loading areas, long distances to be bridged, considerably varying loading heights: With a transfer loading range of up to 15 m and a transfer loading height of more than 6 m, a transfer loading angle of 332° can be covered by two hydraulic rotating rings. In the height-adjustable cab, the driver always has everything in view. 


Because we want to know what's inside:

  • Transfer loading arm with 15 m transfer loading range – to bridge trenches
  • Transfer loading arm with over 6 m transfer loading height – for bridging embankments
  • Transfer loading arm swivels by 332° – for maximum flexibility
  • Lightweight construction with high-strength PE wear plates – for wear and cost reduction
  • Height-adjustable cab – for inspecting the truck 
  • Optional: Belt scale integrated in the terminal (weighing cells, speed sensor, angle sensor, weighing machine) – for the most accurate beet quantities
  • Perfectly positioned weighing rollers on the straight kink – for precise weighing

Chassis Be firm.

The Terra Felis 3 offers a comfortable, safe ride with optimum balance. From suspension of the pick-up over the axle distance through to the slope support system and foldable tank, HOLMER offers a complete solution for the field and road.

During loading, the foldable tank acts as a counterweight arm with up to 2870 kg when full, which guarantees stability even if there is a high transfer load. The folding tank's centre of gravity is shifted by up to 19%. The counterweight arm provides the required stability even during downhill loading.


We want to transfer quickly and have a secure stand:

  • Up to 40 km/h road travel – for the fastest possible transfer
  • Slope support system – for a secure stand
  • Suspension system – for safe road driving
  • Ideal weight distribution thanks to the perfect arrangement of modules – for optimum traction over all four wheels
  • Two braked drive axles – for maximum safety
  • Spring-mounted, comfortable chassis with 3rd and 4th axle for driving on roads – for your safety in road traffic
  • Fully foldable tank for shifting weight – for optimum stability even with high transfer loads
  • Easy-to-access tank – for fast refuelling even while the vehicle is in operation

Motor and hydraulicsShow strength.

Optimum power with minimum fuel consumption. The high-power Mercedes engine ensures economical diesel consumption through reduced engine speed with a maximum loading efficiency of up to 560 tonnes per hour. Should more power be required, for example if the HOLMER VarioPick is at a steeper working angle due to extreme soiling, sufficient power reserves are available.


The Terra Felis 3 meets the exhaust gas standard Tier 4 final. AdBlue ensures that nitrogen oxides generated during the combustion process are converted into pure nitrogen and water during the exhaust gas after treatment - for the sake of our environment.

The high-quality hydraulic components of the Terra Felis 3 guarantee operational safety.

In this way, a reduction in operating costs due to low wear modules is guaranteed. The decoupling of work hydraulics in road driving also reduces fuel consumption.


Sufficient power reserves for the best cleaning results:

  • 354 HP / 260 kW Mercedes engine with twin turbo for maximum performance
  • Exhaust gas  level Tier 4 final with SCR technology (AdBlue) – for the sake of our environment
  • Can start in cold temperatures of up to -30°C – for use in extreme conditions
  • Loading operation in optimum engine range at only 1150 rpm – for efficient power transmission
  • Automotive driving – for speed reduction during road driving
  • Hydrostatic propulsion from Linde with ROEGELBERG 3-speed transfer gearbox – for optimum feed at any time
  • Optional 40 km/h road driving at 1400 rpm – for fast transfer
  • HOLMER EcoPower – for optimum power with minimum fuel consumption
  • High-performance load-sensing hydraulics with up to 162 l/min – for simultaneous cylinder functions
  • 4 closed hydraulic circuits with high power reserves – for fast loading
  • Optimised accessibility of the individual components – for maximum ease of maintenance
  • Hydraulically driven and automatically reversing fan – for cleaning the cooling system
  • Hydraulic tank integrated into the engine compartment to keep it warm over long periods of time through the residual engine – for optimum oil viscosity even in very cold operating conditions

Illumination Keep an overview.

The illumination concept of the Terra Felis turns night into day. This also ensures optimal visibility during work at night. The operating range of the machine is illuminated up to 100 % by max. 24 LED headlights. This guarantees maximum safety while picking up and loading the beets – especially at night.


More light, more safety:

  • Perfect lighting of the work area – for your safety
  • A total of 24 LED working lights – for the best illumination on the field.
  • Standard is 14 x 2500 lm and 10 x 1.800 lm power headlights – for relaxed night shifts
  • Soft light – to protect the eyes
  • LED dipped beam and high beam headlights – for relaxed road driving
  • Follow me home function on working lights – for a safe descent

CabHave profile.

The largest cab available on the market with floor to ceiling, convex windscreen combines optimum safety and working comfort. To guarantee the driver perfect visibility, the cab can be hydraulically elevated to 5.10 m. The cab travels backwards over the highest point of the lifting device, thus guaranteeing an unrivalled view of the pick-up, in-feed conveyor and transport vehicle. The workplace with thermal insulation glass provides the optimum all-round view around the clock – for working comfort.


After all, the operator is our most important person:

  • Cab can be hydraulically elevated to 5.10 m and moved back by 1.24 m – for perfect visibility with pick-up and removal vehicles
  • Grammer swivel chair: Specially built for HOLMER – because you are the focus of our developments
  • Auxiliary heating and air conditioning in the standard model – for an optimum working climate
  • Driver-oriented operating elements – for ergonomic work without fatigue
  • Electrically adjustable and heated rear-view mirrors – for an optimum viewing angle
  • Optimum sound insulation 68 db – for relaxed work
  • Radio with hands-free talking function – for an optimum connection
  • Spacious refrigerator box – for optimum supply
  • Many storage compartments – for a tidy office

HOLMER SmartDrive Everything under control.

HOLMER SmartDrive is the intuitive operating concept for the Terra Felis. The combination of touch terminal and joystick ensures that every desired function is quickly and easily accessible. Freely programmable keys and short keys ensure comfortable working - because the operator is our most important man.

With HOLMER SmartDrive, the cab of the Terra Felis becomes the centre of the entire removal chain. The driver always has all data and operations in view, and flexibly and comfortably adapts the settings to the local conditions.


The driver in focus:

  • Intuitive operation – for easy and safe operation
  • HOLMER EasyTouch 12.1-inch touch terminal – all information at a glance
  • 2 proportional comfort joysticks – for ergonomic work
  • Video-monitored depth guidance and post-cleaning; wide-angle camera on the transfer loader and rear view camera with standard 4 cameras – for safe machine monitoring
  • Fastest automatic folding and unfolding system on the market - for short setup times and flexible loading – right and left
  • Softkeys – for quickly changing settings while loading
  • 3 individual cleaning positions can be saved – for maximum relief of strain on thedriver
  • Orientation of all controls to the operator – since the operator and machine are one unit
  • Vehicle diagnostics incl. fault memory can be read via USB stick – for quick help
  • Optional: 270° TopView – for maximum safety.



Options for large piles

Bunker pick-up

As an option, the Terra Felis 3 can be fitted with a bunker pick-up. The bunker is fed by an excavator or wheel loader. This enables beet to be stored in a larger rent or even on fixed spaces.


Perfect cleaning, lowest space requirement:


  • 15 m³ bunker with hydraulically folding side walls – for maximum flexibility
  • 9 cleaning and conveying rollers, 2 x 2 conveying rollers plus worm conveying system below the bunker – for optimum cleaning
  • Stepless adjustment of the speed on the scraper floor – for optimal loading times

Pile divider

Pick up, clean and load any wide pile of up to 10 m high: HOLMER's patented pile divider offers the greatest possible flexibility and allows for the economical use of personnel thanks to its one-person operation. The upstream, horizontally arranged screw feeds the beets to the Terra Felis pick-up and thus reliably removes the largest piles.


Simply divide large piles:


  • Various equipment options for field, meadow, gravel or tar soil – for optimal adaptation
  • Finger rollers and transfer rollers, 2 long gathering rollers, 1 combi-gathering roller with transfer function, 8 short pinch rollers, carbide-coating as standard – for impact-resistant beet-loading and low wear
  • Hydraulic clearance and feed screw – for continuous flow of beet
  • Foldable at 4.50 m – for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Can be stored on transport trailers – for road travel in Germany