Terra Felis 2 ecoEfficient without making compromises.

Whatever the weather; however soiled the crop: The Terra Felis 2 eco guarantees optimum cleaning with maximum loading efficiency, and stands for maximum economic viability.
With the new engine, the HOLMER-patented and height-adjustable pick-up HOLMER VarioPick, the HOLMER cleaning hybrid, automatic folding system, panorama cab and folding tank, the Terra Felis sets new standards in transfer technology.


Pick-ups can be adapted to all situations.

Different conditions, different settings: With the newly-developed HOLMER VarioPick, both the cleaning efficiency and the working angle can be individually adjusted. If the crop is only lightly soiled, a low working angle ensures minimum fuel consumption through optimised, smooth pulling; in case of increased soiling, a higher working angle provides additional space for the removed soil and weeds.


  • Individually adjustable working angle – for fuel saving and optimum cleaning efficiency
  • Tried and tested variable cleaning track due to 3 roller types, each independently adjustable – for gentle handling of beets with maximum cleaning effect
  • A total of 18 wear-resistant rollers with automatic reversing function – for perfect cleaning
  • 140 mm roller diameter – for reduced wear, without sticking
  • 9.50 m pick-up width – for efficient use
  • Low speed with high loading efficiency – for lower fuel consumption
  • Sliding wedge with replaceable tip and divided hood – for easy maintenance
  • Pendulum equaliser on clamp blade– for optimum pick-up of remaining beets
  • Automatic folding can be activated at the touch of a button– for fast working without getting out of the cabin
  • All cleaning rollers optionally heat-treated with double build-up hard metal welding – for maximum durability
  • Optional water spray system up to 1100 litres (continuous operation, interval, in case of hydraulic pressure, separate preselection of spraying and non-spraying intervals, switching right/left) – for cleaning without compromises


Post-cleaningthe right cleaner for every operation.

Different soils, different cleaning methods: Always clean crops perfectly with the unique, perfectly-aligned HOLMER cleaning hybrid of the VarioPick and post-cleaner versions, connected with each other via a web section with suspension. HOLMER exclusively provides four different post-cleaners, which can easily be changed. Whatever the soil, the perfect combination of cleaning and gentle beet handling is guaranteed.



HOLMER transfer web cleaner – for light soils

Gentle transport of beets for minimum wear.

HOLMER Cleaner – for medium to heavy soils

The gentle counter-rotational roller cleaner for increased cleaning. The interaction with the transfer web minimises root breakage losses at the transfer point.




HOLMER VarioCleaner – for alternating conditions

Cleaning of beets with maximum care or intensively for reduced root breakage losses. If the beets are only slightly soiled, the counter-rotational rollers can be covered completely or partially by a continuously variable transfer web – the intelligent complete solution!




HOLMER CrossRoller – for stony or extremely heavy soils

Removes up to fist-sized stones and extremely sticky soil easily.
In case of stoneless beets, the CrossRoller can be covered with a transfer web for optimum handling.




TransferEconomic viability meets convenience.

Difficult to access loading areas, long distances to be bridged, considerable variations in loading heights: Thanks to the transfer loader with up to 15 metres transfer scope and a transfer height of over 6 metres, a loading angle of 332 degrees can be covered via two hydraulic slewing rings. The unique HOLMER DynaFill fully automatically controls in an innovative and intelligent manner the filling of the transport vehicles through laser sensors – a huge relief for drivers and those responsible.


  • HOLMER DynaFill – for fully-automatic, even filling of the transport vehicles
  • Lightweight construction – to reduce wear and costs (with highly robust PE)
  • Optional with belt weigher integrated into the terminal (weighing cells, speed sensor, angle sensor, weighing computer) – for highly accurate beet quantities
  • Optimally-positioned weighing rollers on the straight articulated section – for optimum weightning

Chassis conceptstands safely, can be relocated quickly.

Comfortable, safe driving with optimum balance: from the attachment of the pick-up via the wheelbase, right up to the hillside compensator system and the foldable tank, HOLMER has provided a complete solution for the field and the road.


  • Up to 40 km/h on the road  – for fast relocation
  • The fastest automatic folding system on the market – for operation without delay
  • Hillside compensator system – for good stability
  • Suspension system – for safe driving on the roads
  • Ideal weight distribution – through the ideal arrangement of modules
  • Two braked drive axles – for maximum safety
  • Hydraulic suspension 3rd and 4th axle – for maximum driving comfort
  • Foldable tank for weight distribution – for optimum stability even in case of large transfer widths (without locking mechanism and software)
  • Easily accessible and rapidly-folding tank – for fast fuelling and swift implementation

Panorama cabOverview with feel-good guarantee

Retain an overview around the clock, and work in a relaxed atmosphere: the largest cab available on the market unites perfect safety and working comfort with its floor-level, domed windscreen. The workplace with thermal insulation glass provides the optimum all-round view.


  • Auxiliary heating and air conditioning in the standard model – for an optimum working climate
  • Driver-orientated operating elements – for ergonomic work without fatigue
  • Pneumatically locked rotary heated seat – for maximum driver comfort
  • Electrically adjustable and heated rear-view mirrors – for an optimum viewing angle
  • Optimum sound insulation – for relaxed work
  • Radio with hands-free talking function – for an optimum connection
  • Spacious refrigerator box – for optimum supply
  • Follow me home function on working lights – for a safe descent
  • Working lights in LED design each with 2500 lumen power – for a pleasant working climate and maximum safety
  • 4 Xenon headlights are optionally available for an optimum view

HOLMER SmartDrivefor relaxed working

The driver is our most important man: All operating units are perfectly aligned to their needs. They are optimally relieved of strain through driver assistance systems, and the operation of the Terra Felis is intuitive. In this way, even prolonged periods of operation are possible in a relaxed atmosphere.


  • 12.1 inch HOLMER EasyTouch-Terminal – for a clearly laid-out display
  • 2 proportional comfort joysticks  –  for ergonomic work
  • 4 cameras: video-monitored depth guidance with post-cleaning, wide-angle camera on the transfer loader and rear view camera – for safe machine monitoring
  • The fastest automatic folding and unfolding system on the market – for a rapid working process
  • On-board vehicle diagnosis – for fast assistance
  • 3 individual cleaning positions can be saved – for maximum relief of strain on the driver


HOLMER EasyTouch


Always clear: The menu interface adapts to the operating mode – unrequired functions can be masked.

Motor and hydraulicmore power, less fuel consumption.

Optimum power with minimum fuel consumption: the high-power MTU engine with Ad-Blue technology ensures an economical diesel consumption through reduced engine speed with a maximum loading efficiency of up to 560 tonnes per hour. Should more power be required, for example if the HOLMER Varipick is at a steeper working angle due to extreme soiling, sufficient power reserves are available.
The high-quality hydraulic components of the Terra Felis 2 guarantee operational safety. In this way, a reduction in operating costs due to low-wear modules is guaranteed.


  • 354 PS (260 kW) MTU engine with twin-turbo – for maximum power
  • Level 4 final emission level with SCR technology (AdBlue) – for minimal exhaust emissions
  • Loading operation in optimum engine range at only 1300 rpm – for efficient power transmission
  • Revised drive concept – for road travel at 40 km/h
  • HOLMER EcoPower – for optimum power with minimum fuel consumption
  • Load-sensing hydraulics – for a good degree of efficiency
  • Closed hydraulic circuits with high power reserves – for optimum power efficiency
  • Optimised accessibility of the individual components – for maximum ease of maintenance
  • Hydraulically driven and automatically reversing fan - for cleaning the cooling system
  • Hydraulic tank integrated into the engine compartment to keep it warm over long periods of time through the residual engine warmth – for optimum oil viscosity even in very cold operating conditions

Options for large clampsa new dimension of power

Holding tank pick-up

Optimally prepared for external loading: the Terra Felis 2 can optionally be fitted with a holding tank pick-up. The holding tank is fed via a crane or a wheel loader.


  • 15 m³ holding tank volume – for maximum flexibility

  • Continuously adjustable rubber finger rollers – for optimum cleaning

  • Continuous adjustment of the speed on the scraper floor – for optimum loading times   

Clamp divider

Pick up, clean and load clamps of any height and width: the clamp divider patented by HOLMER provides maximum flexibility and represents an economical use of personnel, requiring only one operator. The upstream, horizontally-arranged screw transports the beets to the Terra Felis 2 pick-up and thus reliably transports very large clamps.



  • Different equipment options for the field, meadow, gravel or tarmac ground – for optimum adaptation
  • Foldable to 4.5 Meter – for maximum possible manoeuvrability
  • Can be deposited on a transport trailer - for road travel in Germany