HOLMER EcoPowerIntelligent. Economically. Efficient.

EcoPower developed by HOLMER is unique in the area of selfdriving work machines. Depending on the current driving mode (harvesting or transfer) and the degree of utilization of the travel drive, on all assembly drive systems and on the central multipump drive, the HOLMER EcoPower selects the optimum range within the diesel engine and drive system map. Thus, it always ensures optimum performance while keeping fuel consumption

to a minimum.


  • Optimum operating point on the diesel engine, considerable increase in efficiency of all assembly drive systems and the travel drive, independently of the working process
  • Increased efficiency thanks to an increased number of pumps and consequently optimum coordination between pump and assembly
  • Overall optimization of energy management
  • Individual drive units which are not used temporarily are uncoupled to reduce fuel consumption

HOLMER EasyLiftsimply harvest more.

Opitmal harvesting results for 6 to 12 rows: The automatic depth control system HOLMER EasyLift makes the HOLMER lifter units unique, the driver is harvesting, what is grown, with a reduced fuel consumption. High quality materials guarantee a minimal wear and the HOLMER EasyConnect offers a maximum safty and a perfect driver comfort with 9 or 12- row lifter units.


  • Ergonomically designed function armrest with Jog Dial control
  • HOLMER EasyTouch for comfortable machine operation
  • Memory feature for 6 individually adaptable basic machine settings: dry – normal – wet – uphill – straight ahead – downhill

TerraDAT is a software program developed by HOLMER for convenient management of job data, customer and machine data on a PC. In particular, it allows users to:

  • Create databases for customer data, and transfer them to the machine using a USB stick
  • Analyse all of the machine, driver and harvest data, operating overviews and individual assignment
  • Monitor and send reminders about maintenance
  • Track current lifting data online, together with the GSM module (optional)


The fast-coupling frame developed and patented by HOLMER, HOLMER EasyConnect, expands the previous mechanical systems with an automatically coupled hydraulic and electrical supply interface.

Impressive benefits:

  • Greater machine efficiency thanks to reduced set-up times
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to convenient coupling and uncoupling from the driver’s seat (mechanical, hydraulic and electrical)
  • Additional comfort due to elimination of heavy, rigid elements requiring manual coupling
  • No risk of confusion when connecting hydraulic and electrical lines
  • Driver assistance and system protection


During the run-up to Agritechnica, HOLMER introduced its new 12-row HR 12 lifter unit, and subjected it straight away to the most ambitious practical challenge:
What area can be cleared in 24 hours by just one single sugar-beet harvester?
So, at 12:01 p.m. on 28 September, a HOLMER Terra Dos T4-30 with a 12-row lifter started an attempt at a world record. The team led by Edi Richer wasn’t going to get much sleep during the next 24 hours. On the Baltic Agrar fields in Liepen (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), utmost undisturbed concentration was called for.
This devotion to duty reaped rewards: the world record in beet lifting! The HOLMER Terra Dos T4-30 with HR 12 harvested 85.6 hectares of beets in 24 hours – an incredible performance by the lifter unit and the whole team behind this world record attempt!