RRL 200 eco

RRL 200 ecoSimple. Low-priced. Sugar beet loading.

The pulled sugar beet cleaner loader RRL 200 eco is the easiest and most cost-efficient solution to clean and load sugar beets. The RRL 200 eco is used whenever loading is challenging logistically: Whether in very small loading places, very wide piles or at difficult loading places which are hard to access.

The RRL 200 eco is so compact that it can be used even in the smallest of spaces. Wheel loader, shovel excavator or tractor fills the 9 m ³ big bunker – in this way the drawing vehicle can be used to optimal capacity. Operations are carried out by remote control which guarantees the best possible security for the driver. With a load width of up to 9.50 m, a load height of up to 5.50 m and a rotatable loading arm of up to 125 ° , the RRL is totally flexible and bridges even bigger distances, ditches or embankments.

The cleaning of the sugar beets is done by a roller cleaner with a stone separator roller. Thus, the removal trucks only load what really should be transported to the sugar factory – sugar beets.



Bunker pick-up Open wide.

The bunker of the RRL 200 eco is fed by a shovel excavator or wheel loader. This allows the beets to be deposited in a larger pile or on paved areas. In the hydraulically foldable bunker, the sugar beets are perfectly directed into the cleaning units by means of the intelligent control of the dosing flap - this results in optimum utilisation of the RRL and a perfect cleaning result.


Perfect cleaning, minimum space requirement:

  • 9 m³ bunker with hydraulically folding side walls - for maximum flexibility
  • Intelligently controlled dosing flap for uniform filling of the cleaning units - for optimum cleaning and saving time in operations
  • Demountable, forged scraper floor chain system with rails and link chains made of wear-resistant material - for low maintenance costs
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment on the scraper floor - for optimum loading times
  • Central lubrication - for minimum wear and short maintenance times



Cleaning path Clean up.

Cleaning path | Clean up.


The sugar beets are transported from the scraper floor to the finger roller-cleaning system via the cross belt and via the transfer belt to the removal vehicles – a long transport path for optimum and gentle cleaning. The arrangement of the cleaning elements over the chassis leaves plenty of space for excess soil under the RRL.


The dirt has to go:

  • 13 low-wear finger rollers with automatic reversing - for clean beets
  • Stone separating roller including automatic reversing - for highest operational safety
  • Rollers with double sealed tapered roller bearings and connection to central lubrication - for maximum durability
  • Overloading belt with plastic drivers - for perfect beet protection
  • 2 dirt drop flaps on the return - for highest operational safety
  • Fourfold reversible, abrasion-resistant polyamide insert plates made of PE 1000 - for low wear and short changeover times
  • Arrangement of the cleaning elements above the chassis - more space for cleaned earth
  • Optional 2nd stone separating roller - for maximum cleaning of stony soils
  • Optional water spray system up to 450 l - to prevent the rollers from sticking



  • Option for chicory:

    • 10 longitudinal rollers with reduced diameter including automatic reverse - for gentle cleaning
    • Rolls partly with build-up welding - for minimum wear
    • Chicory brake - for better cleaning through more movement

Transfer loading Be flexible

Sufficiently large storage areas for loading with self-propelled beet-cleaner loaders are not always available. The piles often have to be wider than the possible 10 m. If the view is obscured by tree-lined avenues or there are cycle paths in the way, or if on-road loading is not permitted, as on many routes, the RRL offers the best solution – as it does for large piles for optimum beet protection.


We can go anywhere:

  • Overloading arm with 9.50 m overloading width - for bridging trenches and long distances
  • Infinitely adjustable overloading height of 5.50 m - for easy loading of trucks
  • Overloading arm can be pivoted up to 125° - for flexible use with minimum space requirements and perfect visibility
  • Overloading capacity of approx. 200 tons per hour - for efficient working 

Motor Be sustainable.

The Perkins diesel engine in the RRL 200 eco complies with the Tier 4 final emissions standard. AdBlue ensures that nitrogen oxide generated during the combustion process is converted into pure nitro. With 75 kW/101 hp, the engine offers optimum performance with minimum fuel consumption.


Small but mighty:

  • 75 kW/101 PS Perkins engine - for optimally adapted power
  • Tier 4 final with SCR technology (AdBlue) - for the benefit of the environment
  • Charging operation in the optimum range of the engine at only 1,200 rpm - for efficient working with the lowest fuel consumption

Operation Everything under control.

The RRL 200 eco can be comfortably, safely and simply operated by radio remote control. The operating concept is intuitive and the operator does not have to leave the cab of the feeding vehicle.


By far more safety:

  • Teleradio remote control - for location-independent operation and more security
  • Intuitive operating concept - just get started
  • Independent, infinitely variable speed adjustment of all cleaning components - for a perfect cleaning result
  • Six LED working lights - for best all-round visibility
  • Hydraulically foldable support feet - for ideal stability
  • Optional additional step on the back - for best overview when overloading
  • Option: Camera system with 3 cameras (loading arm, cross belt, cleaning) - for image transmission to a permanently connected towing vehicle

Transport Be efficient.

The RRL 200 eco can be attached to a wheel loader, excavator or tractor with front loader by means of the drawbar eye. The loading vehicles feed the RRL with sugar beet and can individually position it at the same time – all with only one vehicle.


Implement quickly:

  • Outer width of 3.00 m - for road travel without special permit
  • Road transport at 40 km/h - for quick changes of location
  • Eyelet with 2.5 t supported load - for use with existing loading vehicles
  • Intelligently installed engine as counterweight for the overloading arm - for optimum weight distribution in the field and on the road
  • Drawbar extension - for quick transfer in the field with the help of the wheel loader bucket



Option for transfer loading potatoes: KRL 200 eco

For loading potatoes HOLMER offers the pulled potato cleaning loader KRL 200 eco. It differs from the beet cleaning loader RRL 200 eco by its transport elements, which are specially adapted to the needs of the potato.


The KRL 200 eco is equipped with infinitely adjustable rubberised belts which transport the potatoes further with maximum care. The cleaning system consists of an infinitely adjustable vibrating belt with narrow bar spacing, which ensures effective cleaning.