LightTraxx Compact. Light. Manoeuvrable.

The LightTraxx is the ideal solution for extreme conditions. The 6 row sugar beet harvester is super compact, light and manoeuvrable.
The Traxx concept offers a unique solution for sugar beet cleaning with its up to six turbines and the CarePlus system – an unbeatable advantage for extremely sticky soil.
The automatic steering system AutoSteerPlus and the intuitive operational concept EcoTronicPlus make driving the LightTraxx brilliant simple.
The LightTraxx is efficient, economic, ergonomic and ecologic but most of all it guarantees exxact sugar beet harvesting.


Robust chassiswith a lot of space

The LightTraxx’s chassis creates a stable and easily accessible machine platform. The weight distribution across all four wheels guarantees low soil pressure and the highest usability even in wet conditions. The staggered wheels ensure that the machine moves across the field evenly during harvesting and leaves behind a perfectly level field. The LightTraxx is exceptionally manoeuvrable and has a very low fuel consumption due to its light weight. These features make the LightTraxx the ideal sugar beet harvester for small fields with a lot of turning.

  • Open structure – for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Big chassis– for big lifting and cleaning turbines with optimal cleaning performance
  • Moves across the field evenly – for simple soil tilling after sugar beet harvesting



SteeringAccurate and automatic with AutoSteerPlus

The AutoSteerPlus automatic steering system enables the LightTraxx to be steered by all wheels or rubber tracks. AutoSteerPlus has three steering modes that enable the rows of sugar beets to be accurately tracked.

The driver can choose between two automatic or one manual steering mode. In the first automatic steering mode, the front wheels are steered by the sensors in the lifting unit. The rear wheels are steered by the row finders at the front of the defoliator's housing. In the second automatic mode, only the front wheels are steered. The automatic steering system enables the driver to focus all his attention on harvesting, cleaning and unloading.

  • Extremely small turning circle (inside) of 5.30 m – for very easy turning even in small fields
  • AutoSteerPlus automatic steering system – for maximum driver comfort
  • All-wheel steering – for excellent manoeuvrability





DEFOLIATOR AND MINIMUM SCALPERPerfect solutions for every demand

A correctly adjusted defoliator is a prerequisite for optimal defoliation and better lifting performance. The LightTraxx's defoliators are exceptionally robust and durable.

The ProtectPlus system protects the beets that need minimal scalping. And more protection means a higher yield.



Integrated defoliator

The integrated defoliator spreads the beet leaves on the field across the whole width of the machine. The defoliator's height is adjusted by height control wheels that are travel between the rows and also press the defoliated leaves into the soil. This does not affect the harvesting process and keeps the leaves out of the cleaning system. The integrated defoliator also makes the subsequent tilling process easier.

  • Track to track harvesting possible – for perfect beet harvesting
  • Best starting situation for conservation tillage and sowing – for a perfectly tilled field



Defoliator with side leaf spreader

The sugar beet leaves are transported to the left side of the machine by a leaf stripper. The leaf spreader disc then spreads the leaves over the surface that has already been harvested. This is the perfect solution for fields with a high percentage of leaves and weeds.

  •  Leaf stripper and spreading disc – for an even, wide distribution of large leaf and weed quantities





The ProtectPlus scalping system minimises loss. Preventing unnecessary damage to the beets protects them from losing energy and sugar. This innovation guarantees a higher yield.

The ProtectPlus scalping system guarantees differently sized beets are scalped optimally and enables the defoliator to be raised. ProtectPlus prevents the defoliator from damaging larger beets. The beets are scalped after they have been defoliated. An undamaged and optimally scalped sugar beet is better protected against sugar loss because less energy is lost through the damaged areas during storage.




ExcenterPlus lifting systemExcellent quality, formidable performance

The ExcenterPlus lifting system is designed to lift beets optimally even under extreme conditions and at high working speeds. The system works with independent eccentric lifting shares.

The depth is controlled by depth control wheels and guarantees the clean and complete lifting of beets even at high working speeds. Paddles on the control roller guide the beets to the lifting turbines.

  • Eccentric lifting shares – for optimal power transmission
  • Unique shape of lifting shares – reduces wear
  • Lifting shares can be adjusted for depth, levelling and speed – for optimal harvesting results
  • Lifting shares can be adjusted to lateral rows (up to 60 mm) – for extra beet protection
  • Large depth control wheels – reduces soil intake and fuel consumption
  • All parts are very durable – reduces maintenance costs
  • High harvesting speeds – for fast harvesting




CleaningUnparalleled cleaning performance and high throughput

With CarePlus, the LightTraxx has a multi-option cleaning system that guarantees better cleaning, less damage and a higher throughput – always perfectly adapted to the local soil conditions.





The CarePlus lifting system enables beets to be harvested at high speed with the highest possible protection. A higher harvesting speed means a higher throughput. To meet this demand, the dimension of both lifting turbines was increased to 1,500 mm. The lifting turbines are available with tine distances of 83, 93 and 108 mm. The diameter of the cleaning turbines has also been increased to 1,550 mm. The larger harvesting and cleaning turbines not only increase throughput considerably, they also have 25% more cleaning surface. The cleaning turbines can be equipped with spring tines or gates. The large selection of spring tines and gates enables the machine to be used on a wide range of soil types and in a variety of weather conditions. The 1,000 mm wide ring elevator enables a high throughput and prevents beets from accumulating on the last cleaning turbine.

  • Two 1,500 mm lifting turbines – for an optimal flow
  • Three (1,550 mm each) or four (2 x 1,550, 2 x 1,410 mm) cleaning turbines – for maximum cleaning surface
  • 1,000 mm ring elevator – for a high throughput





SoftCarePlus was specially developed for sandy soils. The gates behind the lifting shares have a relatively small gap between the rods. The lifting turbines and bar gates also have a smaller gap between the rods. The ring elevator is equipped with lower rods.

  • The loss of small beets is reduced to a minimum – for more yield




Agrifac designed ForteCarePlus for optimal cleaning in clayey soils. Lifting turbines, cleaning turbines, and grates are cleaned with water to ensure the beets get the best possible cleaning.

  • Lifting turbines with big gaps between the rods – for the biggest possible cleaning surface
  • Lifting turbine grates and cleaning turbine grates are made from Agrifac hyperflex spring tines – for minimum beet damage
  • Durable mud scraper made from hardened steel – for minimum wear
  • Large cleaning openings – for easy beet harvesting in clayey soils
  • 800 l water tank and a large number of nozzles – for additional cleaning 




EnginePowerful. Silent. Easy to access

The 345 kW (469 PS) strong six-cylinder diesel engine and the hydraulic pumps are easy to access in the engine bay.
The engine is easy to access using a foldable step. The engine is positioned in the centre rear of the machine.

  • Optimal weight distribution – for best possible soil protection
  • Quiet cabin – for a comfortable work environment
  • Easy to access – for easy service and short maintenance times

The engine's rotational speed is automatically reduced to 1,350 rpm as soon as the LightTraxx reaches the desired road speed. Exxact engine management system guarantees the combined sugar beet harvester performs optimally on every job.

  • Optimal engine operating point and low engine speed – for low diesel consumption
  • EcotronicPlus keeps the speed of the defoliator, harvester, cleaning turbines and conveyor belts constant even with changing engine speeds – for a perfect lifting result





WorkplaceUnrestricted visibility and optimal comfort

Get in. Get comfortable. Get going. That's the philosophy behind the LightTraxx's workplace concept. Everything revolves around the driver and all of the controls are fit to suit him. The modern, spacious and comfortable cabin and the control concept leave nothing to be desired.




Comfortable Cabine

  • Unrestricted visibility in every direction – for the best harvesting results and highest possible safety
  • Comfortable driver seat – for an ergonomic and relaxed posture
  • Heated electric side-view mirror – for optimal visibility in any weather
  • Radio/CD/MP3 player – for entertainment on long jobs
  • Big passenger seat – for important guests
  • Storage compartment – for personal items on long jobs
  • Stowage for mobile phones – so you're always connected



User friendly

The large multifunctional touchscreen gives the driver an excellent overview of all of the relevant machine and operating information.

The EcoTronicPlus tunes machine operation, engine management, monitoring and diagnostic functions optimally to each other. The information is clearly displayed, enabling the driver to focus on the work and get the best performance out of the machine.

The control box on the left steering column controls the following functions:


  • Unloading belt on/off
  • Unloading belt speed
  • Automatic steering correction

The joystick controls the following harvesting functions:


  • Defoliator up/down
  • Leaf spreader height adjustment
  • Lifting unit up/down
  • Lifting unit leveller (manual setting)
  • Unloading belt in/out
  • Automatic steering on/off
  • Speed control on/off
  • Adjust speed control speed



EcoTronicPlusExxact, simple and easy to use

All the important information at a glance – guaranteed by the EcoTronicPlus user concept. The buttons to the left and right of the EcoTronicPlus touchscreen give the driver easy access to all of the information he needs. All of the basic settings, including the display, display settings and user settings are controlled by the buttons.





  • Day and total hectare counter
  • Driving speed
  • Engine speed
  • Fuel level, current and average fuel consumption
  • Engine and oil temperature
  • Working speed of defoliator, harvester, lifting and cleaning turbines
  • Steering response time
  • Automatic steering on/off
  • Automatic lubricant control
  • Depth control response time
  • Unloading belt speed
  • Depth control and actual harvesting depth setting





  • Speed control for driving speed
  • Fast/slow field speed
  • Lifting unit speed
  • Automatic steering response time
  • Automatic or manual steering
  • Defoliator speed
  • Lifting unit and sensor roller speed
  • Depth control and levelling response time




User Settings

  • Defoliator automatic/manual on/off
  • Lifter automatic/manual on/off
  • Cleaning turbines, elevator and beet tank auger automatic/manual on/off
  • Automatic front and rear wheel steering
  • Automatic front wheel steering





The sophisticated yet simple EcoTronicPlus control concept is reflected in the control panel that is integrated into the armrest. The clear arrangement of the switches on the control panel enables the driver to focus on the harvesting process at all times.


The following functions are controlled from the control panel:


  • Defoliator and lifting system on/off
  • Adjust defoliator height left/right
  • Leaf spreader in/out based on working position
  • Adjust scalper height
  • Speed of lifting and cleaning turbine
  • Reverse lifting and cleaning turbine
  • Adjust harvesting depth and levelling
  • Adjust lifting speed
  • Side thrust
  • Engine speed
  • Road speed (30 km/h) on/off



Option: Rubber track unit - OptiTraxxOptimal soil protection, better soil structure

A bigger contact surface minimises soil pressure. The two front wheels can be replaced with soil protecting rubber tracks. The result is a better distribution of weight.
The OptiTraxx's front axle is equipped with two 760 mm wide and 2,250 mm long rubber tracks. The machine's light weight and the size of the contact surface of the rubber tracks reduce the soil pressure and guarantee a high level of safety even in difficult conditions. The choice for a gentle beet harvest.