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HOLMER machinery inspires children and adults alike. HOLMI will explain to you what makes the big red machines so special and will discover HOLMER with you!



HOLMER in the agricultural simulator HOLMER vehicles also have a large fan base on PCs and game consoles.

When the first HOLMER DLC for the agricultural simulator appeared, the sugar beet harvest in the game was raised to a new level - and the fan community was thrilled. The DLC was released on March 10, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Since then, the HOLMER booths have always offered the opportunity to drive the virtual machines in a real HOLMER cabin. The long queues that form in front of the simulator and the shining eyes of the players testify to the enthusiasm of the virtual farmers. In 2016, the Terra Dos T4-40 with HR 9 digging unit and the Terra Variant 600 eco with its various superstructures were included in the game.


The Terra Felis 2 eco was also integrated into the game for the agricultural simulator 17, so that since then all HOLMER vehicles have been available in virtual agriculture.


The Terra Dos T4-40 and the Terra Felis 3 are already fixed components in the agricultural simulator 19. The HR 12 twelve-row digging unit for the Terra Dos T4 has also been included.


Since 14 May 2019, the free Terra Variant DLC has also been available for download. The Terra Variant 585 is now available in the game and can be equipped with Zunhammer slurry tank, Annaburger universal spreader, GB 25 grain bunker or MB 35 multi-bunker. Its "little brother", the Terra Variant 435 with 16 m³ Zunhammer slurry tank, is also available for slurry spreading.

The HOLMER machines also do a virtual job - making farming even more fun!


The official trailer for the HOLMER DLC: