Difficult lifting and loading conditions with lots of weedy stock??


Harvest and load beet only with the HOLMER tips for optimising lifting and loading quality.

The opening of the sugar market has increased the pressure on sugar production in recent years. In order to be able to produce competitively within the world market, all process steps must be executed efficiently.


The requirements for an efficient harvest are for all beets:

  • as far as possible without breakage losses and damage
  • with as small a proportion of the earth as possible
  • free of accompanying weeds to be harvested or loaded so that they can be delivered to the sugar factory without deductions.


The requirements for beet harvesting and loading have also changed in recent years due to other factors:

  • Expansion of organic sugar beet cultivation
  • climatic change (dry summer months and thus inhomogeneous populations)
  • Increasing reduction in the use of herbicides in sugar beet cultivation


Especially stands with a high proportion of arable weeds cause problems again and again during the harvest.

  • Difficult cleaning of the long structured weeds
  • Increased risk of clogging due to additional plant material
  • Often smaller beets, which are more easily lost with more intensive cleaning (see HOLMER information Small beets  -Dry conditions).
  • Increased risk of beet damage due to more intensive cleaning performance


HOLMER Customer Service has now summarised the knowledge and experience gained in handling weedy beets and made it available for download:



This provides all machine owners and operators with the information they need to optimally prepare HOLMER machines. On the one hand there are technical retrofitting options, and on the other, the settings on the machine and regular maintenance are imperative for the quality of lifting and loading, especially in the case of weedy beets.


Any questions? Your local HOLMER service partner will be happy to help you.


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The HOLMER team wishes you every success and a safe journey in the 2019/20 campaign.



The Terra Dos T4-30 in the strongly weeded beet stock.