Terra Felis 3 evo: A facelift for the HOLMER beet cleaner loader


At Agritechnica 2017, HOLMER unveiled the Terra Felis 3 with liftable cab, driver assistance system DynaFill and height-adjustable pick-up VarioPick. Just in time for Agritechnica 2019, there is a facelift available with new engine, telemetry system EasyHelp 4.0 and data interface for weighing data: The Terra Felis 3 evo.


The Terra Felis 3 evo at a glance:

  • The Terra Felis 3 evo is equipped with a Mercedes Benz OM 936 engine with a piston displacement of 7.7 litres and 280 kW (381 HP). Thanks to AdBlue technology and diesel particulate filter, it meets the Stage V emissions standard. The well-known HOLMER EcoPower concept, which uncouples unnecessary working hydraulics when driving on the road, ensures optimum energy management. On request, the Terra Felis 3 evo is available with a speed of 40 km/h, which enables it to be moved quickly on the road.
  • With the telemetry system EasyHelp 4.0, the Terra Felis 3 evo is connected to the Internet of Things. EasyHelp 4.0 is on one hand a service solution for remote diagnosis and maintenance of HOLMER machines: After approval by the machine operator, the after sales department has access to the machine data in order to check current settings and data recordings. This accelerates fault diagnosis and significantly shortens downtime through optimum spare parts supply and targeted troubleshooting. On the other hand, EasyHelp 4.0 is also connected to various farm management systems such as farmpilot via the manufacturer-independent data exchange platform agrirouter. This enables the operations manager to transfer order data directly to the machine, provides complete transparency of the machine data and thus simplifies operations planning.
  • A data interface is available for the weighing system so that weighing data can be transferred from the responsible sugar factory to the Terra Felis. This ensures optimum loading of transport vehicles.
  • The Terra Felis 3 evo now has four digital cameras for the TopView camera system, giving a 270° panoramic view which guarantees maximum safety.
  • The outer width of the Terra Felis 3 evo when folded is exactly three metres. This means that no special approval is required for road travel.
  • HOLMER offers a combined solution for the challenge of correct loading of transport vehicles with the driver assistance system DynaFill and the liftable cab. The panorama cab lifts up and moves back a bit at the same time to give the driver a much better view of both the Terra Felis and the truck. The known HOLMER DynaFill uses laser sensors to scan the transport vehicle, recognize the discharge cone of sugar beets and use this information to fully automatically control the filling process.
  • The proven pick-up section has three independently adjustable roller pairs for maximum gentle cleaning performance. For individually adapted cleaning, the angle of incidence of the entire pick-up can be freely varied between 17 and 22 degrees. For beets that don’t need much cleaning, this allows the usual flat intake for lower diesel consumption, the highest load capacity, and the gentlest handling during transport. On the other hand, the steeper angle of incidence of the patented HOLMER VarioPick pick-up opens up maximum ground clearance in the rear pick-up area if required, thus creating deposit space for cleaned soil and weed. This prevents the pick-up from floating up, even under extreme conditions, and there is no downtime due to cleaning work on the field.


After a thorough test in the 2019/20 harvest season, the Terra Felis 3 evo will be built as standard in 2020.

The new beet cleaner loader from Holmer: Terra Felis 3 evo.