SecatFlex SL | HOLMER presents its first slurry hoe.

SecatFlex SL | HOLMER presents its first slurry hoe.


With the SecatFlex SL slurry hoe, HOLMER Maschinenbau GmbH presents its own attachment for the first time to the market. Over 25 years of experience in slurry injection have gone into this development.


The SecatFlex SL slurry hoe is perfectly designed for use with the Terra Variant 435 and the application in growing maize stocks, but can also be used on other tractors as a trailed implement.


The new HOLMER slurry hoe is designed for use in row crops with 75 cm row spacing. It has ten hoeing units so that ten rows can be treated simultaneously and efficiently.


During development, HOLMER paid attention to a short design in order to keep the leverage forces on the tractor vehicle low. The compact hoeing body also guarantees very good directional stability even at higher driving speeds. The contact pressure can be individually adjusted by means of a three-stage mechanical spring preload, similar to the proven system used in beet technology. To reduce the risk of injury to crop on the headland, a separate SectionControl cylinder with special leverage geometry for maximum lift height is also installed in the hoeing body. At almost 80 cm, the frame height is also designed for late cultivation passes.


For complete cultivation of the intermediate rows, two offset shares are used as hoeing tools. The slurry outlet is positioned in the shadow of the shares, which guarantees correct slurry placement in the topsoil without mixing. A third tine is arranged in the centre to cover the open cultivation areas with soil.


A combined method of slurry injection with simultaneous weed control in the maize stock at the optimum time is not only interesting for organic farms. Besides mechanical weed control, hoeing has further advantages: Encrusted surfaces are broken up and organic nitrogen in the soil is additionally mineralised; in addition, rain can seep into the soil more easily again. In this way, hoeing ensures stable crops and a high yield.


With its soil-friendly VF 580/85 R 42 crop tyres, the Terra Variant 435 easily fits between maize rows, regardless of tramlines, and delivers the organic fertiliser to where it is needed - directly to the plant roots. The tight turning radius allows track-in-track driving at the headland. In this way, the plants are not unnecessarily rolled over - a decisive advantage over conventional, trailed slurry technology.


The self-propelled slurry tanker Terra Variant 435 and the new slurry hoe SecatFlex SL set new standards for slurry injection in maize crops.


The abbreviation SL in the name stands for "slurry", so HOLMER is keeping the option open for the construction of further hoes.

The new HOLMER SecatFlex SL slurry hoe in use on a Terra Variant 435.