New HOLMER logo: HOLMER and Agrifac remain partner within the EXEL group

New HOLMER logo: HOLMER and Agrifac remain partner within the EXEL group


HOLMER Maschinenbau GmbH and all its subsidiaries will have a new logo from 01/10/2020. The new logo includes the name HOLMER and the HOLMER beet on the right hand side. Compared to the old logo, the addition "exxact" is therefore omitted.


This logo change has two reasons:

In 2019 the EXEL Group of the Ballu family, to which HOLMER belongs, founded its own company for field robotics, Exxact Robotics. In a group decision it was decided to establish the name Exxact as a brand for this area. For HOLMER, the word "exxact" is therefore omitted and the robotics division uses this word exclusively.


The addition "exxact" was taken over in 2013 by the sugar beet division of the Dutch sister company Agrifac Machinery B.V. - which, like HOLMER, is part of the  EXEL Group. This expressed the close cooperation between the two companies, which have since marketed their sugar beet technology under a common logo. The Agrifac beet lifters continued to be produced and developed in Steenwijk; the beet lifters from Eggmühl and Steenweijk follow different concepts. In order to clearly differentiate these two different approaches to sugar beet harvesting for customers, Agrifac and HOLMER have decided to abandon the joint branding. From 1 October 2020, Agrifac will again market the beet harvesters made in Steenwijk itself under the slogan "brilliant simple", while HOLMER will continue to stand for "Technologically leading. Worldwide". The elimination of the common branding means that HOLMER will omit "exxact" in the logo.

HOLMER and Agrifac will remain strong partners as members of the  EXEL Group. In various countries, such as Great Britain and France, there are very good dealer and service relationships, which will continue to exist, so that synergy effects will be used.


For HOLMER, therefore, only an addition in the logo is omitted. The company was, is and will remain HOLMER - as part of the  EXEL Group of the Ballu family.



The new Holmer logo with the red Holmer beet. (Photo: Holmer)