Litigation settled: Ropa accepts HOLMER EasyLift patent


A decision has been reached in the patent dispute with Ropa Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH concerning the HOLMER EasyLift automatic single row depth control system for the Terra Dos T4 sugar beet harvester.

Ropa accepts the exclusive HOLMER rights to the European patent EP 3119182 filed by the parent company EXEL Industries SA and the associated patent applications or patents already granted in the EU, Russia, Ukraine, China, USA and Canada. From 23.02.2019, Ropa will no longer be allowed to offer sugar beet harvesters with automatic single row depth control. Ropa will make a compensation payment to EXEL/HOLMER for the machines sold by Ropa with this technology.


HOLMER officially introduced the EasyLift driver assistance system at Agritechnica 2015 after it had been successfully tested in the previous harvesting campaign.


EasyLift automatically takes over the depth control of the individual share bodies so that each beet can always be harvested at the optimum depth. The on-board computer calculates the crown heights of the sugar beets from position readings and passes this information on to the share bodies. This automation allows the full potential of the HR lifting unit to be exploited while maintaining the same performance and quality.


The automatic depth control by the HOLMER EasyLift with its optimum working depth ensures that breakage losses and injuries to the beet caused by insufficient working depth are a thing of the past. Unnecessarily deep harvesting is also avoided: 1 cm too deep harvesting results in approx. 100 t/ha of unnecessary earth movement, combined with higher wear and fuel consumption - and haul-offs in the sugar factory.


With HOLMER EasyLift, money can be saved and, at the same time, the driver is optimally relieved, be it in the case of different beet shapes depending on the crop variety, weather and location-dependent soil conditions, toothed crop, yield fluctuations, lanes or unevenness on the field edge and furrows.

The HR lifting unit with EasyLift technology for automatic single row depth control.

The HOLMER EasyLift briefly explained.

HOLMER EasyLift for automatic single row depth control.