Press Release: No COVID-19 restrictions - HOLMER production on schedule

Press Release: No COVID-19 restrictions - HOLMER production on schedule


Production of the Terra Dos T4 sugar beet harvester started on time at the beginning of May 2020. At Holmer - unlike many other agricultural machinery manufacturers - there was no production break due to COVID-19. All slurry tracs were completed, the production halls were converted and the full harvester assembly started on time.


At HOLMER there is no bottleneck due to missing parts: Important components such as MTU engines or axles from the German company Kessler are already stored in the central logistics center in Schierling for the entire annual production. Thanks to the high degree of in-house production depth, Eggmühl is also less dependent on external deliveries. Moreover, most of the suppliers are located within a radius of about 100 km around the company premises, so that the planned deliveries also arrived at the plant in recent weeks.


"Production 2020 has started as planned. Our team in Eggmühl are back to work completely, the supply of parts is ensured and large assemblies, such as scraper floors, were completed on time in winter so that they are now available for assembly without any problems", reports Production Manager Christian Brunner.

The strategy of not having everything delivered just-in-time, producing a lot of things in-house and working with regional, long-term partners is paying off for HOLMER in the corona crisis. Numerous hygiene measures have been implemented in recent weeks to protect employees from COVID-19. Working in staggered shifts, dispensing masks and disinfectants, and equalized break times are just a few of them. The measures are showing effect, no employee has been infected so far.

The HOLMER beet lifters are delivered punctually to the harvesting communities and contractors. Farmers can rely on a timely sugar beet harvest in 2020.


HOLMER is the world market leader for self-propelled sugar beet harvesters. 4,000 of these machines have already left the factory in Eggmühl - far more than any other manufacturer has built.

Traditionally, HOLMER manufactures seasonally: In autumn and winter, the Terra Variant, a self-propelled slurry trac and large assemblies for the sugar beet harvesters are built, and in spring and summer, beet harvesters and beet cleaning loaders are manufactured. All machines are built to order and configured directly as ordered by the end customer. Subsequent conversions are therefore not necessary at HOLMER. This way of working shortens the assembly time and guarantees highest quality.



Sugar beet harvester assembly at Holmer is on schedule.