HOLMER Terra Variant available with Bredal spreading system


It all started in 2016: Sieghard Jahr of Agroservice GmbH Mertendorf was looking for a replacement for his aging TerraGator with spreader body. A suitable carrier vehicle was quickly found. During a demonstration, the Terra Variant 600 eco from HOLMER convinced him. However, the universal spreader available at the time was not the optimum solution for lime application, as Agroservice GmbH Mertendorf had no plans to apply organic manure at all. 


For the HOLMER Terra Variant, a suitable lime spreader structure with the appropriate capacity had to be found. For Agroservice GmbH Mertendorf it was obvious to use proven technology, as the existing TerraGator was also a lime spreader. Sieghard Jahr quickly established contact with Bredal A/S in Denmark via Walter Honermeier GmbH. The Bredal K165 spreader as a superstructure variant, had a capacity (16 m³) and performance parameters that matched the desired carrier vehicle perfectly.


The solution was now a special conversion, which was developed and implemented in Mertendorf. HOLMER supplied a Terra Variant 600 eco and the base frame of a multi-bunker MB 35, while Honermeier supplied the Bredal K165 spreader body. The result was a swap body solution for spreading mineral fertiliser with a spreading width of up to 16 m for lime and up to 36 m for NPK fertiliser.


Since 2016, the Terra Variant with Bredal lime and fertilizer spreader has been successfully in use at Agroservice GmbH Mertendorf in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.


The Terra Variant with Bredal spreader body is equipped with a Reichhardt steering system and a Müller 1200 touch terminal, with which both the steering system and the body control system are operated. With ISOBUS-TC and Section-Control, ISO-XML or shape files can be integrated so that work can be carried out automatically according to application maps. The spreader thus also switches off automatically at field boundaries and already worked areas. The speed of the spreading disc can be set independently (edge spreading) or can be adjusted to amend the throwing range. The mode of operation of the system thus corresponds to the current technology. Optionally, the spreader body can be equipped with a weighing system.


Per load, the Terra Variant with Bredal spreader has a capacity of approx. 12 - 13 t for carbokalk or up to 20 t for carbonated lime or NPK fertiliser. Agroservice GmbH Mertendorf, for example, operates at a working speed of 15 - 18 km/h with a spread rate of 7 t lime per hectare and 12 m working width. The spreader thus has an emptying time of only 5-6 minutes, which means that the usual high daily output of the Terra Variant can also be achieved in lime application. This video shows the spreading structure in operation.


In cooperation with Sieghard Jahr, HOLMER can now offer all customers the Terra Variant 585 with Bredal spreader unit. In addition to the Zunhammer slurry technology, the Annaburger universal spreader and the HOLMER field logistics superstructures - the multi-bunker MB 35 and grain bunker GB 25 - there is now another option for using the Terra Variant installation space.


HOLMER sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Terra Variant 600 eco with Bredal spreading system on its way to work.

Terra Variant 600 eco with Bredal spreading system from behind.