HOLMER dealer in Belgium: Hoydonckx positioned for the future

HOLMER dealer in Belgium: Hoydonckx positioned for the future


It all started in 1960 when Louis Hoydonckx founded a Volvo tractor dealership. Things changed in 1980 when Richard Mélotte joined the business. So Richard Mélotte and Louis Hoydonckx founded Hoydonckx BVBA. After years of hard work, Louis Hoydonckx decided to retire in 1988 - and Ronny Plessers, together with Richard Mélotte, took over from his uncle as managing director.


Richard Mélotte and Ronny Plessers changed the business from only tractors into a broad selection of agricultural machinery – including sugar beet harvesters. Many Belgian and international HOLMER customers have since been advised by them at trade fairs such as the Agribex in Brussels or at large field demonstrations.


1 May 2021 is now another turning point for Hoydonckx BVBA: Richard Mélotte and Ronny Plessers pass the torch to the third generation to run the business. Ronny Plessers' children, Mathias and Katrien, who have both been part of the company for a long time, are now the new company directors. Richard Mélotte will stand by their side to help them building further on what has already been build and Ronny decided to enjoy his retirement


The HOLMER team congratulates Mathias and Katrien Plessers on taking over the business and wishes them every success. Thanks to the trusting cooperation of the past years, Mathias and Katrien Plessers are already familiar with the HOLMER machines, so customers in Belgium are in the best hands.


Mathias and Katrien Plessers are looking forward to continuing the company with Richard Mélotte's support. So not much will change at Hoydonckx – except that the future of the company is secured by the third generation of directors.



Big demo of HOLMER sugar beet harvesting equipment at Hoydonckx in Belgium in 2018.