HOLMER expands its product range: New HRO lifting unit


Just in time for Agritechnica 2019, HOLMER presents a new lifting unit: the HRO. The HRO Oppel wheel lifting unit works extremely gently, especially in light, sandy and moist soils, and achieves optimum harvesting quality under these conditions.


The new HRO harvesting unit is compatible with the HOLMER Terra Dos T4-30 and Terra Dos T4-40 sugar beet harvesters and is available as a 6-row harvesting unit with variable or fixed distance between rows. The distance between rows can be set from between 45 to 50 cm.


An overview of the special features of the HRO lifting unit:

  • The HRO lifting unit harvests particularly gently on sandy or extremely heavy soils, which guarantees maximum harvest yield.
  • The active drive of the Oppel wheels with automatic speed control automatically steers the beets in the right direction and thus prevents beets in very light soil from tipping over. So the beets are safely and gently conveyed to the rollers.
  • The drive power of the HRO lifting unit is 40 % higher than that of other Oppel wheel systems.
  • The patented and proven HOLMER EasyLift system enables automatic single row depth control, whereby the depth of each Oppel wheel pair is adapted to the beet population. The driver is noticeably relieved while the high quality of lifting is maintained.
  • All Oppel wheels have a lateral mobility of 70 mm.


The name HRO stands for HOLMER Roder (German for lifting unit) Oppel Wheel.

In 1958, the German American Heinz Carl Oppel filed a patent application for a beet harvesting system in Idaho. The basic idea of this technology has remained the same until today, therefore this system is internationally known as Oppel Wheel.

Holmer has experience with Oppel wheel harvesters since 2006 and reissued this technology in 2019 at customer's request.


The first HRO lifting unit was tested in Germany and is now undergoing practical testing in France. Since the field tests were successful, the HRO lifting unit will be produced in a small series as early as 2020 and can be ordered now.



The new Holmer HRO lifting unit at a Terra Dos T4-30.